Everything You Need To Know About Lipsense

lipsense is one of the most prominent and premium lip care product. This product is known for its great effects and care that it is able to offer its users. This product was introduced by the SeneGence. It is known that these lipsense colors are extremely different from all the lipsticks, colors or the stains that you know of or use on a regular basis. These products are known to have a long-lasting effect and are also waterproof. Some of the other features that it is able to offer to the users are that it does not budge off, rub off, smear off or kiss off. The company allows you to customize your own color palette by creating a combination of colors from fifty different shades that are present.

How to use the lipsense colors?

If you are a beginner at the use of lipsense colors, we are here to help you out. In this part of the article, we are sharing the tips about you can easily apply and use these colors. It is recommended that you buy at least three products in your first purchase. The basic lip kits that are available includes of a lip gloss, remover and lip color. In order to get the best out of the product, you are advised to buy these three together. Whenever you are applying the lipstick, it is a must that you use all three of them in order to get the best effect of the lipsense products.

You must begin by applying three layers of the color that you have chosen to apply. After you are done with color layers, it is a must that you apply a layer of lip gloss too. Also, you must only use the remover that comes along in order to get rid of the lip color after you are done.

Recommended colors to use

Since the lipsense colors are somewhat pricey and expensive, it is just that you should pay attention when buying the right color for yourself. The uniqueness of the lipsense is that when you apply different layers of the colors that you own, it can easily provide you anew color to go with. Even if you begin with the three basic colors, there is no need to buy any more colors. As these colors are enough to produce a huge number of combinations. These three basic colors are summer sunset, pink champagne and apple cider.


It is important for you to keep in mind that the lipsense colors comes along with a guarantee and are meant to offer you the best services as it can. In case you are not at all satisfied with the product that you have bought you can always look forward to returning it and collecting the refund when possible. This makes sure that you are not stuck with some product that you hate and which does not at all look good on you. You can buy these products without any hesitation as it is known to offer high-quality services.

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This Is How A Limo Rental Can Benefit You

Car rentals are very common and a number of people are taking cars on rent in order to take care of their daily travelling needs. Some of the car rentals are for outstation travels and some are for daily commute. Irrespective of what your needs are, you need to make sure that you go beyond a car rental and hire a limo for yourself today. A limo is something that not everyone gets to travel in. If you want to make sure that you are travelling in style as well as in comfort then there is nothing better than a Limo rental for you today. All you need to do is go online and check the best limo car hire that is on offer and book a Limo ride for you and your family.

Everyone deserves to ride in a Limo at least once in their lifetime. If you feel that you are going through a lot of stress and you need to unwind then there is nothing better than sitting in the backseat of a limo and enjoying a nice peaceful ride. You can even surprise your family members and ensure that they get the ride of their lifetime in a Limousine.

As you may already be aware a Limo can accommodate more than the standard four people. This means that no matter how big your family is you will be able to get them in a limo and have fun without sitting in a cramped up space. Another benefit of a Limo ride is you get refreshments along the way. Unlike a normal ride in a car where you would have to stop to get refreshments, the refreshments are provided inside a limo and you can even enjoy a drink or two along with your loved ones. You can book a Limo ride for a tour of the city or you can book a Limo ride for a drive to a nearby town. A number of people book Limo rides to get to work on a daily basis. Not only does this help to create a good impression it also ensures that they reach work comfortably. When your day starts on a good note your mindset is excellent and you will not end up losing your temper or getting frustrated through the day.

Another benefit of a Limo ride is you get the most trusted drivers at your doorstep. When you have the best drivers driving you around town you will not have to worry about how reliable their skills are or how reliable the person is. All background checks are done on the drivers and only then are they put on the job. If you have availed of the service before you can even ask for a specific driver that may know the way you like to drive around and your specific stops. This way you will not have to repeat yourself over and over again and you will even get a personalised service if you have the same driver again.

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Tapestry – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying the best tapestry is full of efforts. Everyone needs to make sure that they are making the final the decision properly. Most of the individuals are finding the source of guidance when it comes to buy now best grey and white tapestries. In this particular way, they want to buy the best product. People those are facing similar confusion they can choose the way of upcoming factors. These factors are useful in finding the suitable tapestry easily.

Check out theme

If we talk about the decoration, then the theme is playing the most important role. In case you are not choosing the decorative accessories as per the theme then you may feel something wrong. It does not provide a perfect look. Similarly, you are required to make sure that you are buying tapestry as per the home decoration theme.

Wall size

In case you want to buy now the best grey and white tapestries then you should be focused on the wall size. If you are not paying attention to it, then you may not get a proper appearance. The oversized tapestry may look incomplete on a single side, and undersized looks bad due to corners.

Wall colors

The most important thing is related to the combination of colors. Before finalizing the color contrast of tapestry, you should pay proper attention to the colors of the wall. In case you are not able to set up a good combination then it does not look better. Consequently, you may not get attractive and desired results.

Buyers’ interest

When it comes to the design and some other elements, then the interest of buyers is playing the most important role. In case anyone wants to buy now the best grey and white tapestries, then they should consider choice first. Mainly they need to make sure that they want classic or modern art.

Impact on appearance

While finalizing the decision, you should try to imagine the wall backgrounds. It can help you in getting that what kind of impact appeared on the wall when you apply tapestry. In case you feel that it does not look better then you should try to consider another option quickly. You do not need to buy tapestry which does not look better to your instincts.


Quality is essential for making the final decision. The quality of tapestry completely depends on two factors such as –

  • Quality of material used
  • Design or pattern followed

You need to focus on all these things carefully and try to make the final genteelly. A good quality tapestry is designed by following attractive patterns and high-quality yarn & cloth.

Price of product

Mainly the price of a tapestry is based on different types of factors. People those want to buy now best grey and white tapestries they should not avoid it. You should try to examine the quality of output and then compare it with prices. If you find that the prices are higher as compared to the provided quality, then do not consider its way.

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Reading a Bank Statement

Remember that vocal minority of annoying customers I have been talking about? Apparently, many of them have the time and ability to check their bank/credit card statement several times a day, but no idea how to properly read what is on there. Let me explain with a few choice examples of what we frequently get in the customer service logs.

“You double charged me!”

We get this so often I get a little chill down my spine every time I hear the customer service reps in the next room dealing with it. The problem arises from those banks that are so helpful as to show authorizations on your card as well as the actual transaction. An authorization is when a company first checks to see if the money is available, and then later closes the authorization for either the amount checked or a part of it. The various business we all use to do this every day, such as pay at the pump gas stations and restaurants that allow for tips to be added later.

Simple concept, right? Apparently notAnother version of this is when we do issue a refund to a client, which appears as a credit on their statement. Somehow that +/- difference, sometimes shown in the typically accounting fashion with parenthesis surrounding the number is a difficult one to grasp. Even when it says “credit” next to the transaction we get people who assume this new line item on their statement means we have the gall to be charging them again. Pick up that phone and lay into a customer service rep, that’ll teach ‘em!

Reading a Bank Statement

The kicker is that those that don’t get this concept right off and take the time to call in and complain, either never get the concept or won’t back down on it. These people will hang on the phone forever arguing with reps that are sincerely trying to explain this in the simplest of terms. Our reps often will have to resort to asking the customer to fax in their statement as proof, which many do not do, likely because they finally realize their error. Yet, somehow we have customers that will fax things in only to show that it does, in fact, say “credit” or “authorization” right next to the transaction just like we are trying to explain.

“You need to refund every charge I have on here that is unauthorized”

This is another oft-repeated concept in a variety of ways. When people purchase products online, they seem to do it in spurts. I find this is true of myself in fact; though I try hard not to compare my spending habits to those I complain about here, they are on a much different level. Because our company actually answers the phone because are a legitimate company we tend to waste a fair amount of time trying to convince people that we cannot, in fact, provide customer service for other companies on their statement.

Reading a Bank Statement

Does this sound ridiculous to you? I hope so.

Sadly, their plenty of companies out there that try hard not to help their customers with billing customers as a part of their business model. Their modus operandi is to see if customers will just give up and let the business keep their money. We, on the other hand, feel good about the products we are offering, and though we deal with our share of loonies that we end up refunding, the bulk of our customer base is happy and enjoys the services we charge for.

Funny thing is, next to every charge on your statement is a “descriptor” that a business can customize with a limited number of characters to help customers identify the charge. We include our toll-free number as part of that descriptor to help customers get a hold of us, as do many other businesses. When our reps suspect a charge is not from us, they ask the customer to read off what it says next to the charge – no small feat in many cases – and even when it says another business name, the customer will refuse to believe it is not our company! No matter how hard I shake my head, I cannot get my mind to clear enough to understand the logic on this.

Our reps are repeatedly called liars, thieves and many other choice names when they continue to deny these charges are from us and therefore not our responsibility. Just today a lady just kept screaming “LIAR!” over and over to a nice girl on our end until she finally had to just hang up.

BCB – The Better Customer Bureau

I really am baffled out people like this can act this way to customer service reps. Even beyond that, I just don’t get how people that cannot read a statement or understand the concept of taking responsibility for their purchasing habits can feel justified in trying to bully their way into getting a charge refunded. I really think there needs to be some business reporting process that allows companies to report errant or fraudulent customers back to credit card issuers and banks. Some kind of flagging system so you have the ability to know if a “problem” customer has a history of buying and charging back items without basis. Though the eBay system is flawed in many ways, having some public accountability for their actions keeps many customers acting nicer than they might in a more anonymous world. Think of it as the Better Customer Bureau. I know there are many privacy issues and other flaws with this concept, but I’m here to tell you that most BBB and Consumer Protection Agency complaints I have seen over the years are just if not more flawed…

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Semafo’s bumper gold quarter

New, higher grade deposits of gold are coming to bear on gold-miner Semafo’s production, buoying output and finances.

Semafo reported strong results in its latest quarter including 72,700 ounces in porduction at cash costs of $475 an ounce gold, versus 41,500 ounces gold at $604 an ounce last year.

The improvement – which looks to be one that will largely hold for Semafo – has been some time in the making after a change in strategy that started in 2012.

Semafo's bumper gold quarter

The course change was two pronged. Semafo decided to unload its high-cost Samira Hill gold mine in Niger and it discovered high-grade gold near its existing Wona-Kona deposit and nearby Mana processing plant in Burkina Faso.

Quickly after the discovery the focus turned to bringing the new ounces, in what became known as the Siou deposit, into the production fold once it was clear there was a substantial deposit. So far reserves have grown to 4.8 million tonnes gold @ 4.94 g/t Au.

These compare very favourably to reserves in Wona-Kona, which Semafo has been mining for some time, which holds 18.8 million tonnes @ 2.19 g/t Au in reserves.

So this quarter, with ore finally coming in at full steam from Siou and another higher grade deposit called Fofina, Semafo’s gold grades popped. It processed 723,900 tonnes ore @ 3.37 g/t gold versus 712,100 tonnes @ 2 g/t Au a year ago and meantime recoveries jumped from 85 to 93 percent.

Semafo's bumper gold quarter

The jump in recoveries owed to easier to process ore from Fofina and Siou, and Semafo also noted that grade was higher than it expected due to an enriched zone at Fofina.

Still, it was a mighty quarter for Semafo, bolstering its view it would meet the upper end of its 200,000 to 225,000 ounce gold forecast for production this year.

So it was not much of a surprise today to see Semafo’s shareprice leap, up 10 percent at presstime to C$5.29 and to new 52-week highs.

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At last, some CEOs who understand the mining cycle

Mining companies are beset with major investors who browbeat the CEOs and the boards into making major capital cutbacks when metal prices move against them.

mining cycle 1They just don’t seem to understand that the time to build major capital projects – and make what may seem like expensive and counter-intuitive investment decisions and acquisitions – is actually at times when metal prices are low. This will enable them to reap the rewards when the mining cycle picks up again as it inevitably will. That is the way the world’s mega miners built their real wealth.

I am probably being unfair in the title here – there are probably plenty of mining CEOs who understand this but they more often than not don’t have the clout to carry their boards and major institutional investors with them. The latter, in particular, tend to look only at the bottom line and the prevailing stock price with their ultra short-term investment outlook, thereby missing the huge upside potential that lies ahead.

As the Elliott Wave followers will point out, all economies move in quite pronounced cycles – there are boom and bust scenarios which repeat over and over again through time – and the mining cycle is more pronounced than most. Major investment decisions are made as the cycle picks up and tend to peak at or near the cyclic top thus bringing big increases in supply on line at around the same time, leading to big surpluses and thus contributing strongly to the succeeding downturn with too much production chasing too little demand.

mining cycle 1The smart company that looks to the long term, though, will make its big capital project decisions on the cycle downturns and low points (downturns are good given the length of time it can take to bring a new project on stream nowadays). That’s how the Rio Tinto’s and BHP Billiton’s of the world became the world’s mega miners.

All credit therefore to Rio Tinto’s CEO, Sam Walsh, for slamming the company’s critics who pontificate that it is mad for it to implement major increases in its iron ore and copper production at a time prices have been slipping dramatically given the apparent downturn in Chinese and global demand. BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest diversified miner, has made similar policy decisions as no doubt have a few others waiting in the wings – notably X2 Resources’ Mick Davis, former Xstrata CEO, who is building a massive investment war chest to build a new diversified mining company by acquisition when prices are depressed.

True, these companies do have the financial resources to build production when others are being forced to cut back. There is strong method in their financial madness as seen by some. Take iron ore for example. Companies like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Vale have enormous iron ore resources which can be mined profitably even at much lower iron ore prices than those prevailing at the moment and, of course, what the expansion policy has done is stop in their tracks global new iron ore mine developments predicated on higher iron ore prices from less well financially supported companies.

Much of the world’s unmined high quality iron ore is located in remote areas requiring huge infrastructure commitments to bring them on stream. The longer iron ore prices remain depressed, the further back investment decisions on these new projects will be put. This will allow the mega miners not only to dominate the iron ore market for many years to come, reap huge profits when prices pick up again as much of the competition will have been eradicated, but also to acquire many of the best new projects from their financially distressed owners.

mining cycle 1But of course this doesn’t only apply to iron ore. It will apply to coal and copper too – the other two most significant mined minerals/metals. Indeed iron ore, coal and copper hugely dominate global mining. Gold only comes a far distant fourth yet generates most of the coverage. Again BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are among the Western world’s largest producers of both coal and copper. Continuing investment during low cycle points is how they achieved their dominant positions. Sam Walsh is thus quite right to slam the critics from a company long-term corporate standpoint. The policy will mean that when economies, and the cycle, pick up again Rio and its peers will be even more dominant in the global mining sector.

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ETHIOPIAEthiopia is an African country known for its beautiful landscapes and its resistance against European powers. The state is the only African nation that managed to resist Europe’s imperialist tendencies, more precisely in the war against Italy. Although it’s actually better known for its poverty and famine, other elements of Ethiopian culture are acknowledged worldwide. We have our first coffee trees exploited in Ethiopia, in Kaffa, where its name comes from. It’s also one of the oldest civilizations, inhabited by Assyrians. The Olympics made its runners globally famous.

Coffee is not only a national product, but also indispensable when socializing. ‘Serving a coffee’ can be a full 2-hours ritual where people get to know each other; instead of sweets or pastries, popcorn is more popular. You’re supposed to enjoy the coffee; if you drink it hastily, they’ll think you don’t like the taste. The coffee is served according to the social hierarchy, starting with the eldest person. You may see everywhere that elders are greeted with a bow and so are people in a superior position. Ethiopians are known for their politeness and humility. They don’t like overconfident persons and are very respectful, even when they don’t like somebody. Sarcastic remarks or criticism means a loss of honor, which is the most sought after value to them.

ETHIOPIAEthiopia’s name is linked to Rastafarians. One of the emperors was called Tafari and ruled as a descendant of King Solomon. This historical figure is the subject of worship for Rastafarians. Ethiopians have a 13-months year and their current year is 2005. It’s also one of the earliest officially Christian nations. Ethiopian tribes may adhere to other beliefs, such as Mursi (better known for their lip plates than their deities).

As for sightseeing, you’ll have the best experience if you explore its nature, including its safari and a volcanic lake, and if you dare to eat Ethiopian food. They don’t use forks, only their right hands. Many spices flavor the meat and fruits and vegetables complete a serving. Festivals offer you the opportunity to learn about their traditions and art.

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The wildlife reaches its peak in Kenya. The parks have many natural wonders, including one of the 7 World Wonders: the migration of savage animals in Maasai Mara Natural Reservation. The Maasai tribe lives in this area and is recognizable by its red-painted skin. A huge number of wildebeests periodically cross the border from Tanzania to Kenya, exposed to other animals’ attacks in their journey. Nowhere in the world does something so spectacular happen.KENYA

Nairobi National Park and Amboseli are equally impressive. The lakes are also rich in fauna and flora; the mountains can be challenging for climbers and offer great landscapes. In addition, Kenya was the ground of Ancient civilizations, so you should check Kariandusi’s archaeological sites. The Lamu Archipelago includes one of the oldest inhabited towns in Africa. Nairobi and Mombasa are the better-known cities, with various tourist destinations and a very exciting nightlife. Actually, besides coffee plantations, tourism is the most profitable ‘good’.


Kenyans live in communities and value togetherness and solidarity. They can be very friendly and don’t appreciate gossip. They despise selfishness and individualism. People like to hang out in big groups and most of them are passionate about dancing. Cavacha and zouk are popular, but the music in clubs tends to be very diverse. There are many stereotypes about Kenyans, such as the fact men can marry many women. This is very, very rare. It’s true though that cows are a symbolical price for a bride. The prejudice that Kenyans respect tribal deities and have weird rituals remains untrue. Most of them are Christian, either Protestant or Catholic, and less than 10% of the population still holds indigenous beliefs.


They do have some interesting superstitions. They don’t depart with any farewell by night — ‘Good Night’ means you’re wishing the death of that person. What you do at the beginning of the week, of the month or of the year is what you’ll have to go through for that whole period of time. So it’s nice to give someone money on the 1st of January or make them feel good, since it means they’ll have a great year.

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Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is running for president and – like last time – she’s acting like she’s already secured the nomination and will be elected.

We know how well that worked out for her last time.Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

So imagine the surprise when the poll for New Hampshire came out showing that Sanders has 31% to Hillary’s 41%.

The poll is meaningless in terms of predicting how either candidate will do nationally, but it does show that Hillary is far from a “done deal” this time around, especially considering she will also face competition (more serious than with Sanders) from former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.

Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

Hillary has never been seen as a serious “progressive” by the Left. She’s the establishment candidate and too hawkish on foreign policy causes and too cozy with big corporations for the taste of Liberals. Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning anything except the protest vote but he will force Hillary to tack Left more than she’d like and he may siphon enough votes off if he runs as an independent nationally.

Think of Ross Perot costing George H.W. Bush enough votes to allow Bill Clinton to win back in 1992.

Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

The more momentum Sanders (and O’Malley) build the more Left wing wackos that will come out of the woodwork which will expose more and more Americans to just how extremist the Democratic party has become.

That is why I am hoping Sanders keeps gaining in the polls. What I think will likely happen is O’Malley will win the nomination but the Democrats will be so bloodied by the Leftist in-fighting that they will be heavily weakened and, unless a complete idiot wins the GOP nomination (i.e. Bush) Republicans will take control of the Executive branch.

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Cooking Vacations in Missouri

Missouri’s motto is “close to home, far from ordinary” and they are referring to more than just the scenic beauty and historic monuments. Missourians have a fine tradition of both gourmet and down-home cooking and they love to share what they know. Marry your love of cooking and interest in this diverse state by taking a cooking vacation through Missouri. Here’s where to start.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1

Culinary Sojourn in the Heartland: Rocheport, Missouri

Organized by Epitourean travel, guests will enjoy a three-day gourmet cooking delight. Not only will travelers learn how to make gourmet dinners for two, but they will also get to have private cooking classes, wine tasting at Les Nourgeois Vineyards and luxurious surroundings.

A Thyme for Everything: Lee’s Summit, Missouri

A diamond in the historic downtown area of Lee’s Summit, A Thyme for Everything is a gourmet cooking supply store that hosts wonderful cooking classes to get you started. Take a evening class in Greek cooking, dessert and party cooking or even a selection of chocolate creations just to name a few.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy 1

The Inn at Harbour Ridge: Osage Beach, Missouri

This charming bed and breakfast has beautiful rooms and is close to scenic locations around the Lake of the Ozarks, but the real treat is the Wednesday evening cooking classes. Lead by Chef Barbara and the Innkeeper of the Harbour Ridge, you’ll learn how to make some of their signature dishes and desserts.

Silver Dollar City’s Culinary Craft School: Branson, Missouri

Branson is known worldwide for their entertainment, shopping and outdoor activities, and the Culinary Craft School continues to charm with their traditional style and down-home cooking. Learn how to cook great meals with garden fresh ingredients or make “pizza’s with pizzazz.”

Annual Missouri Wine and Food Festival: Excelsior Springs, Missouri

This yearly event features wine and foods from local artisans and includes wine sampling and food cooking demonstrations. Enjoy traditional bluegrass music while relaxing at the Elms resort and Spa over the Independence Day weekend.

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Best Vacation Spots for Singles

Are you single and ready to mingle this summer? If so, you and your buddies or girlfriends should plan a vacation.
There are a hot vacation spots around the world that offer tourists like yourself the opportunity to party, have fun and enjoy the day and night life.

Here are three vacation spots ready to meet any single person’s expectations.

Miami’s South Beach

The first place worth mentioning is Miami’s South beach. This popular vacation spot is fully equipped to ensure fun for singles. For instance, if partying hard is on your agenda then hop into one of the many night clubs to dance the night away (such as Club Deep or Nikki Beach Club). Or, if you’re after seeing some hot bods then you ought to head to the beach where you will find plenty of guys sporting their trunks and ladies showing off their bikinis. South Beach is just a hop skip and a jump from some of Miami’s fine shopping and dining (such as Joe’s Stone Crabs and Café Milano).

Vacation Ideas in United States 1

Cabo San Lucas

Next on the list is Cabo San Lucas. This popular vacation spot is a must if you’re single. There are plenty of single people packed into this beach city located on the southern tip of Baja, Mexico. This city knows how to keep its visitors happy. From parties to beach strolls you’ll find plenty of reasons to love this city. When you get hungry you will find plenty of great places to dine (such as Cilantro’s and Amarone Ristorante). When night arrives you’ll have some great places to dance or grab a few drinks (Giggling Marlin and Cabo Wabo). And let’s not forget about the shopping. Cabo San Lucas has some great boutiques and stores (such as Puerto Paraiso).

Ibiza, Spain Ibiza, Spain

The last place on this list is a well-known vacation spot in Spain. Singles from all over the world flock to Ibiza, Spain. This is another striking place to vacation and have some fun. It’s located off the coast of Spain and is known for satisfied tourists. Those seeking wild parties and white sandy beaches come here. Tourists can also tan, surf and swim in Ibiza. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. In fact, one of the largest clubs in the world is located in Ibiza. It’s called Privilege. Fine dining is also possible (such as La Perla and Solimar). Shopping at Galy and Egoista can also be fun.

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