Why President Obama and the Democrats Want to Admit 10,000 or More Syrian Refugees to the U.S.

President Obama has said he wants at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to be flown to the U.S. and re-settled here. Democratic Congressman Dick Durbin wants 65,000 or more to be admitted. Thus far, up to 90% of the Syrian refugees who have been admitted to the U.S. have been Muslim even though Christians are being slaughtered by ISIS and other Islamic groups and having their churches destroyed and their women sold into slavery.

Obama Snubs Iraqi Prime Minister at G7, ISIS Then Taunts

These “refugees” are being dropped, by the Feds, into 190 American cities (PDF link to list). Idaho, for example, is being forced to accommodate 500 Syrians although locals were told expect possibly 2,000 total.

These will be people without family there to take them in, little knowledge of English, uncertain skill sets, no money, unknown health maladies, and from a different culture and religion who have never probably experienced the “freedom” of the West before.

Obama Snubs Iraqi Prime Minister at G7, ISIS Then Taunts

So many refugees are being admitted so quickly that the FBI cannot even conduct background investigations into them so who know how many may harbor terrorist ties.

Why is Obama – and his party – so vested in this forced injection of Muslim refugees?

Probably because Barack Obama dislikes the fundamental nature of the United States and wants to change it. Democrats likely support this influx because they hope these people will vote Democrat and not Republican.

In other words, it is all about changing the country whether the country likes it or not and putting the Republicans out of reach of the Executive Branch – for good.

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