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Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead area of Nevada is a very popular Las Vegas side trip. Two to three thousand people visit daily to see the architectural wonder of the dam and experience nature at the Lake Mead National Recreation area. Size Hoover Dam is a massive curved wall 660 feet thick at the […]

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DIY Wilderness Survival

In a survival situation, many people panic because of a lack of wilderness experience or knowledge of survival skills. Even if you lack hard skills, however, you can use simple strategies to prioritize tasks and maintain a positive mental state. By staying focused on your mental clarity, you can use common sense to stay safe […]

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Why President Obama and the Democrats Want to Admit 10,000 or More Syrian Refugees to the U.S.

President Obama has said he wants at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to be flown to the U.S. and re-settled here. Democratic Congressman Dick Durbin wants 65,000 or more to be admitted. Thus far, up to 90% of the Syrian refugees who have been admitted to the U.S. have been Muslim even though Christians are being […]

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Tapestry – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying the best tapestry is full of efforts. Everyone needs to make sure that they are making the final the decision properly. Most of the individuals are finding the source of guidance when it comes to buy now best grey and white tapestries. In this particular way, they want to buy the best product. People […]

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Beach Safety Rules

Beaches are the most popular summertime place to be. It is up to the public to keep them safe for everyone. To not obey the beach safety rules is just plain foolhardy and dangerous. Each beach you go to will have its own rules, depending on the local conditions, but these rules apply in most […]

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