Are you looking forward to launch your Android game soon? Hey, that’s great! But, as we all know scores of Android game developers are launching their games almost every day and the competition is actually tough. To ensure your app gets its desired limelight and exposure and downloads, you have to have a solid marketing plan today. If it’s your first app, then you must be having a hard time figuring out the best possible promotional app for your app. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Much to your convenience, the post below offers a brief on the pro marketing tips to follow while promoting your latest Android app.

Get landing page

Although it’s not suggested always, yet a professional landing page is great to spread the word about your app. The app will definitely be featured o app store but every other app is there. You have to get some extra real estate space for your app to create more channels for exposure. A customized landing page is one of the first things that you would need here. But having the landing page isn’t enough. You need to be careful of the branding part as well. There will be textual contents as well as videos on how the app functions. Then, you must also add screenshots on the unique selling points and the major features of your app. Make sure the landing page design and aura are in tune with the specific vibes of your app.

The landing page would not only help to gain exposure for your app but would also spread the word for your brand or company as a whole. As an app developer, you are surely going to develop many more apps in near future. If you can gain footage for your brand with the first app, it will be handy for easy popularity of your future apps as well.

Catchy icon and slogan

What’s the first thing that your potential users will see about your app? The  icon or logo and also the slogan. So, if you don’t come up with a cool icon and slogan, you won’t be able to attract users. No matter how great the app features are, if the icon isn’t hooking enough, people are going to look past it. It’s because, your potential users are not being able to know about the stunning features of the app at a first glance. They only find the icon or slogan and hence you have to make sure they are attractive enough.

Count on social media and online forums

The social media sites and online forums draw enormous traffic in the contemporary digital world when people are taking up their almost every discussion online. Thus, if you can promote your app on these portals, you can be guaranteed of solid exposure for your app.

Launch in several stores

Yes, you will definitely launch the  Android app on Google Play Store. But, that’s not the only portal to launch an app and secure mass downloads. There are many other online stores where you can launch your app to gain a larger exposure for the application.

Plan a PC version

There are hundreds on Android mobile apps today that allow PC playing for players. For example, you have The Blockheads or Offroad Outlaws PC. If you restrict your app solely to mobile users, you will be limiting its level of exposure and user base. There are a lot of passionate gamers today who love to play on PC. Besides, you aren’t always extremely relaxed on road to play games on-the-go. Thus, PC game playing is still popular today. If you offer your app for PC gaming too, you will be able to reach out to a broader section of players which will do wonders to pique the popularity quotient of your app.

Offer a free version

Humans are naturally drawn to freebies. Nobody wants to waste hard-earned money on something which one hasn’t tested yet. But, if you offer a free version of the app, your potential users might be interested to check it out. After all, a free app means they have nothing to lose here. You can offer free access to the app to draw crowd for the initial days. Then, you can return to paid version when your app has already gathered sizeable exposure and popularity.

Otherwise, you can have two versions in your app- free and paid. The free version will provide basic features while the paid one will offer more advanced features. While you will advertise the app, stress more on the “free” part.

Approach influencers

Influencers are the leading figures from your industry with a large band of followers. If you can approach influencers and they agree to speak about your app on their profile- your app will get exposure to his huge band of followers. The biggest influencers charge real high- if you are on budget look medium influencers. They too have a sizeable number of followers.

Go for reviews

One of the first things that a potential user will check while contemplating about downloading a new app is “review”. But it’s hard to get multiple reviews organically on a new app organically. But don’t worry, there are review sites which are ready to help with paid reviews. Find a one that caters to Android market and is followed by a large number of visitors.

PR marketing could be helpful

Press Releases are one of the most effective forms of marketing a product online, including an app. There are dedicated PR sites that help to market and promote new launches. You can get a PR written by a professional writer and get it published in a leading PR site.

Count on YouTube promotion

Visual content works faster than textual contents anyday. Thus, you should create video contents for your app and publish them on YouTube with proper video description in text. You should further publish that link on your social media page or forum section or PR article or anywhere you mention the app.

Go for crowdfunding campaign

You can also put up your app on a crowdfunding platform. Write an attractive pitch and highlight the coolest features and the uniqueness of your app. Crowdfunding platforms not only help big time in raising funds for a listed product. These portals are followed by people all over the world which ensures huge exposure for your app as well.

Final words

You might be tempted to release an almost-done version of your app to create the hype. Well, don’t do that as that’s not handy for the approval of your app in the mass market. The bottomline is never submit an incomplete application as it could be misleading for the aspiring users. In fact, the incomplete application might even reduce user ratings and destroy chances of positive publicity for the app. It’s to stress here, Google Play’s algorithms will rank an app higher provided it gets great ratings from users in its initial stages. But, if you submit an incomplete app and if it draws users’ wrath, it will blow up the download count of the app big time.