Going to a party or any other important event can be quite troublesome after realizing that you don’t have any new set of wardrobe to wear. This kind of situation always leads people to go to the mall and get a fresh set of clothes.

We’re here to tell you that it’s not really all the time that you need to buy new clothes. One way to look more fabulous in what you’re wearing is to add jewellery that can freshen up your overall look.

When it comes to mixing clothes with jewellery, we think one of the best brands to patronize would be Mark & Spencer. We just took our picks of the best Mark & Spencer jewellery out there in the market today. You can check them out below.

  1. Tortoise Chain Bracelet Watch

It’s hard not to love this watch because whether you are planning to use it for a casual stroll in the mall or flaunt it on your best friend’s birthday party, this Tortoise Chain Bracelet Watch will, no doubt, complete your wardrobe.

It’s simple, elegant, and sophisticated. For only $45, you can get yourself an accessory that will surely go well with any occasion. It can even serve as everyday jewellery.

  1. Square Face Analogue Expandable Watch

Wanting to get the perfect clothes does not always need to be about parties or huge events. You could be attending an interview or going to your first day at your new job and you just want to make a good impression.

For semi-formal events like that, you might find that this Square Face Analogue Expandable Watch could come in handy.

Just look at it. It’s pretty and simple. It is precisely the kind of accessory that will go well with all your professional wardrobe ensemble.

  1. Link Disc Skin Kind Necklace

Now, this is something you would want to wear in more upscale events like your prom or maybe a first date with a really classy man.

At first glance, it might look like a Cuban link chains but when you give it a closer look, you will realize that the chains are tinier. That serves a purpose. Female jewellery is supposed to give ladies that cute and innocent look whereas men need to have that masculine vibe.

  1. Encrusted Mosaic Ring

If you like to have fun at fancy night clubs, the encrusted mosaic ring will most definitely complete your outfit.

This ring reminds us of accessories rich characters often use when hanging around the bar they own. For something so fancy and sophisticated, this ring only costs around $16.

  1. Gold Plated Bead Necklace

You might not be able to wear this necklace this coming weekend or the next two weekends to come but that’s only because the gold plated bead necklace is the kind of accessory that should be saved in your jewellery box just in case you are invited to a big party like a ball or business trip.

Every female fashion lover out there knows the importance of keeping extra pieces of jewellery to spare for special occasions.

Bottom line

Fashion is important because it is an excellent avenue to express yourself. Aside from that, it also helps you get a good impression. Due to the importance of good clothes, some people are left to think big about what they are going to wear at a specific event. On the other hand, our advice here is to focus on tiny details that can actually boost your overall look at the highest level. You’d be surprised how much a piece of single jewellery can transform your wardrobe.