Contrast is an art and produces magical visuals if done right. Homeowners have long used contrast paints for their rooms. But, how about mixing and blending furniture? It will allow you to play with furniture pieces with different styles and from various ages. A neatly created contrast also oozes a clean balanced feel that leverage the glam quotient of your home big time. Do you desire the same panoramic effect in your own home? That’s cool and here are some expert tips that will enable you to attain the same.

Stick to white

Be careful of the color of your walls while you are planning to mix your furniture. If your grandma’s antique table does not suit your living space, you can always shift it to another place. But it’s not possible to change the color of walls every now and then. Stick to a color that gels well with almost all styles. White will be a premium choice here anyday. If you want more options, you may experiment with neutrals.

Modern furniture & classic art

Do you want to create a contrast of classic & contemporary styles in your rooms? The result would be wonderful no doubt. But classic or antique furniture are harder to get and are more expensive than modern pieces. So, it will be better to deck up your space with easily available and more affordable contemporary furniture. For the antique touch, you can adorn your walls with heirloom classic paintings.

Zero on a theme

It would be better if you proceed with a particular theme in mind. This way, it will be easier to plan and select the right kind of furniture mix for your rooms. For example, say you have a “thing” for seas and you want a nautical theme for your living space. In that light, you can get a wooden boat table for the room. Get a glass bowl at the center of your table and fill it with sea shells. Then, you can surround it with grey rattan chairs or sofa. For cool ideas on rattan garden furniture or sofa sets, you may check out in aqua blue cushions on your sofa to complete the look.

Mind scale

What is “scale” in interior designing? Well, it means arranging objects in a proportionate way, in respect to size & weight of different objects in one single space. The bottomline is you have to be careful of the weight of all furniture pieces while arranging them in a room. For example, if you disturb your living room with only heavyweight furniture, the entire ambience will become extremely stuffy. It would disturb the very idea of “scale” in interior designing. A better idea would be to create a balance with both heavyweight and dainty furniture. For example, if you have got a large sofa set, pair it with a comparatively lighter cane or rattan table.

Maintain consistency

It’s great to mix up furniture but make sure not to compromise on the consistency quotient. For example, if you go for a round table, follow a similar curvy pattern for your chairs as well.