2013 RHS Valedictorians; Five share top spot; Quintet leads class in which nearly a third of students are finishing with 3.5 GPA or better


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At last, some CEO who understand the mining cycle


Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left


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Which Cat Breeds Orginated In The US? A Look At Some

Cats are among the most common types of animals to serve as pets throughout the world. What’s unique about it is that it cuts across cultures, and it’s not at all difficult to find a home with a pet cat, just about wherever it is you go. With that said, taking care of cats entails getting the best litter box for large cats, as well as other materials that are necessary for proper cat care. With that said, what are some of the cat breeds that come originally from the United States?


This big breed of cat has a lifespan of 9 up to 15 years. It is a version of the Siamese cat, except that it’s a long-haired one. It’s one of the smarter breeds, where they love playing fetch like dogs, and also just like dogs, can even be walked on a leash. It’s a social cat, and you may be caught off-guard, but it’s actually a really demanding one in terms of attention. They tend to follow you around and be on your bed or on your lap, wherever you may be.


Even it if is named such, it is one of the 12 breeds whose roots can be traced to the United States. It has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and it can come in a variety of colors and patterns, unlike other breeds that are much more uniform. They are one of the sportier breeds, making them much easier to train and more fun to play with as well. They also are hungry for attention, as this cat breed has the tendency to whine and pout is not much attention is given to them.

Maine Coon

Maine is a State in the US, and hence it’s no surprise seeing the breed here. It’s heavier than other breeds featured, given that they weigh 9-18 pounds, and just like other breeds, they also have a lifespan of 9 to 15 years. One word of caution for these cats is that they aren’t really fond of playing with kids, but they enjoy being with people. It’s not that demanding for attention, too. Another unique feature of this cat is its fondness for mice, and can even climb for it.


Another heavy breed is the Savanna, which can weigh 8 to 20 pounds. It also has a long lifespan of up to 20 years, and it a combination of several breeds like Oriental Shorthairs, Egyptian Maus, Bengals, and even Domestic Shorthairs. They are adventurous and really active, and are also one of the most alert, confident, friendly, and curious cats, which is why it will be no surprise seeing your cat exploring the surroundings. If you have kids around, however, extra care may be needed as they are not known for being the kid-friendly type. If you can promise to do this, however, getting the Savannah breed is actually one of the best choices you can make.

3 Free Games: Shooters

“Shooters” are probably the most popular game type on the planet, and what gamer can honestly say they don’t see why? The adrenaline pounding action of the shooter genre is addictive and explosive action and skills involved grant immense satisfaction. At any given time there are countless new shooters on the market and mounds of classics waiting to be played but being a fan can be expensive. But fret not; here are 3 great shooters that are playable with a budget of Zero!

Free games saturate the internet and there’s always the risk of a nasty catch, whether it’s a time limit or the inability to compete, but I have rigorously tested these 3 games for any of those downfalls and find little to speak of. You can have a look at https://expertboosting.com. This is a game boosting service that will help you in boosting your gaming experience. You can easily level up and increase your gameplay. As you get to chat with other players you can learn new tips to master the game.

In no particular order:
Battlefield Heroes

The Catch: the game runs off a cash shop where you can buy outfits and equipment. Most available equipment is also purchasable via currency earned in-game called Valor Points. These items are identical to the real money bought items but VP purchased equipment is temporary and can take a substantial time investment to maintain. Skill can easily overcome a more powerful weapon.

Electronic Arts and DICE are both reputable companies and Battlefield is a powerful franchise, and they’re giving it to you for free. The game isn’t without flaws but it’s very entertaining and has strong lasting appeal. It’s a 3rd person class-based shooter in loose world war 2 settings. The graphics are stylized cartoon style and the entire game has a comic atmosphere. You choose one of 3 classes (Gunner, Commando, Soldier) on either side (Royal, National) and develop that character with skills. Drop into matchmaking and quickly get placed into an objective-based game on one of a multitude of maps. Vehicles also feature prominently into many of the maps, which vary from sprawling seaside cliffs to the winding alleys and courtyards of a small town. Your character persists and levels up with ranks and levels and with a steady supply of challenge missions, there is a lot to do. There are some maligned balance issues among the classes and the discrepancy between weapons may get to you, but BF: H is a great way to kill some time.

What you get if you pay: Buying BattleFunds gets you to access unique clothes, the selection of which are frequently updated. You may also purchase permanent versions of your favorite weapons including some that have unique skins. There is also the option to rent your own server, of which you can tweak the settings and play private games.

Quake Live
The Catch: Free play has some limits on game types and maps.

Id Software is one of the most iconic developers in the industry and Quake is about as legendary as a video game can get. Quake Live is a variation of Quake 3: Arena. The setting has been tamed a bit (violence turned down and some more controversial setting elements removed) but the technology running this first-person shooter is the same. Quake live is high quality and offers classic death-match gameplay as well as a handful of other classic game modes. Gameplay will be fairly familiar to anyone who has played any FPS game (since they just about all copy the same basics from Id) but with other players pushing you to the limit in skill-based matchmaking, the thrill is there. Besides, why improve on rocket jumping perfection?

What you get if you pay: 2 levels of subscriber options unlock additional server settings as well as game modes and maps.

The Catch: Requires Steam, an online video game store run by Valve Software. No purchase necessary but you may just get sucked into using it. You’ve been warned.

Once upon a time, a group of people worked on a mod. That team was brought in by the valve and hired to work on Left 4 Dead. The mod idled until it was retooled and released as a free game on Steam. Running on the Source engine, AlienSwarm is a team-based top-down shooter. No Deathmatch here, it’s all co-op. Pick a class and 2 weapons from a long list of unlockable options such as the dual pistols, assault rifle or chainsaw, as well as a flavor adding equipment piece (from medkits to rocket-boots) and drop down to Jacob’s Rest. With your friends or strangers, you blast through an alien-infested base, hacking computers through puzzle mini-games, activating terminals, setting up turrets, and welding shut doors to hold back the swarm, and don’t doubt that it’s a swarm. Dots blip on the motion sensor as you move, and the dots never stop coming. Intense tactical play can be required depending on the difficulty and you’ll learn quickly what it means to conserve ammo. The campaign is short, but with varied experience-based unlockables and multiple roles to fill the game has lasting appeal, especially at high difficulties with the AI director turned on to keep you on your toes. Even better is the source development kit, also completely free, with which you or the community can use to keep the Aliens swarming every which way.

What you get if you pay: you can’t, the game is 100% free with steam.

Always Take These Safety Precautions On HVAC Job

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to electrical services. That is why if you are in any business or on an HVAC job which has the highest rate for injuries or accidents you should make sure to take different safety precautions. There are various serious accidents which can be life-threatening for you that is why you need to use these things in order to stay safe on your HVAC Job.

Always Use Safety Gears 

It is very important that you use all the safety gears in order to prevent any types of accidents. That is why you can find that a professional company will make sure to provide this safety equipment for their workers.

Turn off the Power before Working

This is one of the basic things that every professional follows while providing these repairs. So you should also follow these things in order to ensure your safety while working.

Properly Use all the Chemicals 

Repairing work of AC and ventilation system requires various types of chemicals. This can also be very dangerous if not treated properly. That is why if you want to provide maximum safety then you should treat these chemicals carefully.

Using proper tools 

If there are any type of defects in your tools then you need to replace them. Sometimes accidents happen due to the use of damaged tools. In order to avoid such accidents, you should regularly check your tools. You can get the best repairing by using the services from http://BreezyHVAC.net.

These are some of the things that you need to follow in order to make sure that you do not have any type of accidents. This way you can complete your work without any type of problems. A professional company will always ensure that all the safety precautions are taken.

6 Key Tips For Effective Small Business Seo

All business owners are trying to keep their business at heights. For such a task, they are considering the way of effective marketing strategies and techniques. In the case of online marketing SEO is playing the most important role. The way of SEO is becoming useful in several ways such as – targeting audience online and boosting sales.

For the small businesses, this company is appearing as the best option that can help them in getting a quick success. It provides SEO services. The way of SEO services is becoming useful in several ways such as – improving the ranking of a website on the search engines, Google.

The results of SEO practices are completely based on the techniques or tips followed by the professionals. In case the techniques are not applied in the perfect manner then it will lead to lots of issues. Mainly these issues are – lower rank. Upcoming details are clearly based on some major tips for effective search engine optimization.

  • Research on keyword

When it comes to the search engine optimization of a website, then the individuals are required to focus on lots of factors such as – keywords. Mainly the way of creating keywords is becoming useful in targeting the search results of users.

All companies are required to create keywords carefully and by paying attention to proper research. For all these things, individuals are required to focus on lots of factors. The placement of keywords is the most crucial factor.

If you are hiring this company for SEO services, then you are able to perform all related activities without any kind of issue. In case you are trying to make a page over optimized with keywords then it starts looking like spam. You should be focused on these factors carefully.

  • Competitors

The businesses should try to figure out what kind of keywords or factors are considered by the competitors. It can help you in getting some suggestions regarding the selection of keywords and various other elements.

Here, the way of experts can help you in several ways such as – analyzing the performance and comparing various factors. For searching for the perfect keywords, you can take the assistance of this company.

  • Focus on titles

For proper marketing, the companies need to focus on lots of elements and titles are playing an important role here. Mainly the titles are representing the complete page, and content added. In order to leave a good impression, individuals need to prepare titles carefully.

You should try to add keywords in the title. With it, create a relevant title that describes the information which is available on the page.

  • Customers’ response

The companies should try to build a connection or relationship with their customers. It can help them in several ways such as – getting reviews. With it, try to encourage the customers for leaving response regarding the services you avail.

For giving the response, they can choose the way of reviews and ratings. These two elements are becoming useful in getting success and provide a view to new ones. The services of this company can help you in performing these types of activities effectively.

Another important thing is your own response. You should try to respond to the reviews that are mentioned by the customers.

  • Social media

The way of social media platforms is considered by different types of individuals. Small businesses should take advantage of this particular thing. Doing promotions on social media platforms are providing various opportunities for getting success.

For getting the beneficial outcomes from all these things, the individuals need to form a perfect strategy. Try to create a strategy by which you can focus on various elements and get success.

  • Back linking

Back inking is working as the backbone of SEO techniques. For creating the back links, the individuals need to be focused on lots of factors such as – content and some other elements. This company is working on all these things perfectly and expert in back linking.

If you are running an online business, then all these specific factors can help you in various ways. You need to create some specific links with content. Try to generate relevant content which describes the services properly.

How Marketers Are Missing Over Half Of Their Audience

To paraphrase a baseball analogy, the long held belief by marketers was that the 25-54 was their proverbial “sweet spot.” However times have changed and many marketers are now striking out.

It is ingrained into every marketer’s soul… the 25-54 is the most-desirable demographic. I don’t care what it is we’re selling we have to focus on this demo. I can tell you as one who worked in marketing departments of two Fortune 500 companies, this credo was hammered home on more than a few occasions.

But those marketers who still adhere to this antiquated edict are missing out of a pool of 180 million customers in the United States alone, this according to data from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen there is a general misconception regarding the under 25 as well as the over 54 demographic.

“A general understanding of those aged under 25 and over 54 is lacking. Many of the long-held beliefs about these groups’ purchasing and media habits are just plain wrong.”

“The over-55 age group is important not only because of their growth rate, but also because their value as consumers and their relevance as media users. The misconception is that spending drops for people in this age group, and that they’re set in their ways. But those in the 55+ age group are just as likely to switch brands as those aged 25-54, and the two groups’ buying rates almost match.”

In fact the data reveals that the 55 and over and 24 and under demographic have very much in common when it comes to their spending habits on consumer product goods (CPG).

And speaking of the younger crowd, Nielsen predicts that by January 2012 almost half of the 12-24 market will be multicultural compared to just 37% of the 25-54 market and 24% of the 55 plus market.

And don’t think this younger crowd isn’t worth paying attention to.

“This age group is extremely important as a point of entry for products and brands,” said Joe Stagaman of Nielsen. “Capturing the culture and attitudes of those in this group allows manufacturers and retailers to establish and build their brands with these consumers as they age.

There are some additional findings of note such as…

  • The 55 plus crowd spends the most time watching TV during a given day
  • And they spend more time online than do their younger counterparts
  • When it comes to purchasing an electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone, more families seek out the counsel of the younger demo

So, Mr. and Mrs. Marketer, are you ignoring the 180 million potential customers?

Are you including them in your strategies?

2013 RHS Valedictorians; Five share top spot; Quintet leads class in which nearly a third of students are finishing with 3.5 GPA or better

The top of Raton High School’s Class of 2013 has many students who are strong academically — so much so that five of them will be valedictorians.

Moriah Daniel, Devon Gutierrez, Marisa McCarty, Tyler Vertovec and Callie Wilson each maintained 4.0-grade point averages throughout their RHS careers and will share valedictorian honors at Friday night’s RHS graduation ceremonies at Tiger Stadium at 7 p.m.

The strong performance of these students is reflective of the overall Class of 2013. Raton High School counselor Lynette Simpson said that 23 of the 72 graduates — almost one-third of the graduating class — has a grade point average of 3.5 or better. “That tells you how many kids are excelling and doing well up here,” she said.

RHS English teacher Tim Keller, who has taught all five students, said he is not surprised at the success of the Class of 2013.

“This has been a wonderful class to teach,” he said. “They are very competitive and each of them is a perfectionist who wants to do things right. For the five who succeeded at reaching the top, and knowing the kids, it’s not surprising.”

The five valedictorians have shared some similar interests throughout their high school careers. Gutierrez and McCarty helped organize Youth Alive, an organization in which members hold group discussions about God and Christianity and plan activities. One of those projects was The 7 Project held last month. It brought speakers who addressed several life issues that teens face. McCarty added the group has previously had several other guest speakers visit the school.

Gutierrez and Daniel were both members of the RHS dance team, which placed second at the Class AAA state spirit competition in March.

“Dance requires a lot of time management and organization,” Gutierrez said. “We have to manage our practices, the games, and our studies.”

Daniel, Vertovec, and Wilson are all involved in 4-H, where the three built friendships among themselves and with other members. Vertovec and Wilson both compete in track — it was Tyler’s first year and Callie’s third — and Vertovec competed in football and tennis.

Vertovec said the 2012 Tiger football season — in which the team went 1-9 — proved a valuable lesson that “everything will not always be peaches and cream, but you have to stay the course, keep working and never give up.”

Wilson, a two-time Class AAA state track meet qualifier, said that “when you build a team, you build support and team unity.”

Meanwhile, the five admit they are all “competitive” and have strived to be the best.

“We have pushed each other ever since middle school,” McCarty said, but despite that competition between the five, “we got along and we became better for it.”

“It gives you the drive to want to do well,” Wilson added.

The five said Keller, Mary Mitchell, Richard Main, and the retired Leo Linsky have been some of the more influential teachers they have had.

“Mr. Linsky really got you to think,” McCarty said. “He encouraged discussion and wasn’t just talking to us.”

“He made us question our beliefs we always took for granted and why we believed that,” Vertovec added.

McCarty said Keller challenges students and “he knows how to be on top of things.” Daniel added, “He’s very structured.”

Vertovec said Main — who he has had as a teacher and football coach — was “always pushing me to get better at sports. But we had him for physics and you’d never think of Mr. Main as a physics teacher.”

“He’s very intelligent,” Daniel added. “He does expect the best out of you.”

As for Mitchell, Wilson smiled, “She can really explain the math.” McCarty and Daniel said Mitchell’s knowledge of the subject has helped the five excel in math.

It’s not just the five valedictorians who pushed each other, but others who finished near the top of the class as well.

“There are at least 13 or 14 in the class with high GPAs and that’s pretty impressive,” Daniel said, with Wilson adding that 15 seniors are taking calculus, “the biggest class in years.”

The five valedictorians have learned to work together and help each other. In their calculus class, Vertovec said, “If one or two of us doesn’t understand something, we can ask each other for help.”

“You know they’ve got it in them,” Daniel said. “That’s been good, because they know you’ve got it in you, too.”

As far as the speeches the valedictorians will give Friday night, Wilson said the five are “thinking individually” about speeches but want to “tie them all together somehow.”

And each valedictorian has different ideas about what she or he wants to do after high school. A look at the five individually:

Moriah Daniel
The daughter of Michael Daniel and Fara Chavez, Moriah plans to attend New Mexico State University and major in biology. She ultimately wants to become a small-animal veterinarian.

“I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 5,” Daniel said. Her grandfather, Truman Smith, owns Mesa Vista Veterinary Hospital, but Daniel said her own love for animals is primarily what drew her interest in veterinary practice.

She said the biggest influence her parents had on her was getting her involved with 4-H. Her father, who currently works as a teacher, previously worked for the Colfax County Extension Office.

“They always pushed me to do my very best, to calm down and don’t be so hard on myself,” she said.

Keller said Daniel is “perhaps more than any of (the five valedictorians), a perfectionist.” He remembered a conversation he had with her about a grade she received on an assignment that was “not as high as she wanted” and realized how much she strived to be the best at anything she did.

“She’ll be the first to tell you she is a perfectionist,” Keller said. “Her work reflects that.”

Devon Gutierrez
The daughter of Greg Gutierrez and Christine Cummings, Devon is planning to study computer engineering at NMSU. She is interested in technology and has specific ideas about her future career plans.

“I know I want to work for the government, such as for the FBI or CIA,” she said. “I started researching what they look for and they look at people with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. When I looked at NMSU, they had computer engineering.”

Gutierrez said her father told her “how important it was to get a college education,” something he had a chance at when he got a full-ride scholarship for music but turned down to enter the workforce.

“He has wanted me to fulfill my dreams and not to be stuck in a town without many career opportunities,” Gutierrez said.

She added her parents “encouraged me to work my hardest in school” so she would be prepared for what life is like after graduation.

Keller noted that Gutierrez is the type of student who “sits in the front row” in class. “She is eager and a very fine learner,” he said. “She is very inquisitive, pays close attention and gets that’s how you learn.”

Marisa McCarty
The daughter of David and Cindy McCarty, Marisa will attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas. She is deciding whether to major in international studies or communications and wants to study teaching English as a second language.

McCarty said she enjoys traveling and has always been interested in foreign countries.

McCarty said her mother was “always reading books” and that kindled her interest in reading and learning more about the world. She said her parents have “had high expectations for me, knowing that I could live up to them.”

“They believed in me more than I did,” McCarty said.

Keller has known McCarty since her freshman year and “I was deeply impressed with her from the beginning.” McCarty is involved in the school’s gifted-and-talented program, in which students are required to take up independent study projects.

“She chose to learn Arabic,” Keller said. “Her progress was just astonishing and showed me how exceptional she is.”

McCarty also served as one of Keller’s teacher’s aides. “There’s nothing I could give her that she couldn’t do,” Keller said.

Tyler Vertovec
The son of Tom and Kathy Vertovec, Tyler wants to major in geology or environmental science at the University of New Mexico. He is interested in a career in the outdoors.

“I like being outdoors, so having a job that allows me to be outside” is where he has focused his career goals, Vertovec said.

He said his father has taken him hunting and fishing often, thus encouraging Tyler’s love for the outdoors. Vertovec added the fact that his mother is a teacher and his father was previously a teacher and coach “pushed me to be involved in school and have a good work ethic.”

Keller said Vertovec is a student who can be “deceptive because he keeps a lot in, but when he does come out, he’s at the top of the class.”

He noted Vertovec’s involvement in athletics and said: “stereotypically, you may not expect them to be as great at writing as he is.” But Keller said Vertovec is “sharp-minded and asks great questions.”

Callie Wilson
The daughter of Troy and Vicki Wilson, Callie will attend NMSU in the fall and study mechanical engineering with a minor in biology. She wants to eventually become a biomechanical engineer.

Wilson said she was inspired by an issue of National Geographic. “There was an article about a biomechanic who built bionic arms and pairs of glass eyes that allowed blind people to see,” she said, and that drew her interest into pursuing such a career.

Callie’s older brothers, Gavin and Riley, were valedictorians of their respective classes. She said her parents have “always been really supportive of us and wanted us to do well…to do our best and try our best. They’d be proud of us as long as we tried our best.”

Keller said the first thing he thinks of about Wilson is her talent for writing. He said he believes any career she pursues should be one that involves a lot of writing, given how strong she is in the subject.

“She’s quiet and she speaks less in class, but she doesn’t miss a thing,” he said. “She speaks less, but her writing is where she shows she’s got it. That’s what has taken her over the top.”

At the Head of their Class
2013’s Top Students
Raton: Moriah Daniel, Devon Gutierrez, Marisa McCarty, Tyler Vertovec and Callie Wilson are the valedictorians. Brannon Trujillo is the salutatorian.

Cimarron: The high school recognizes the top three graduates. Jamie Knox is the superintendent’s honor student. Colleen Eungard is the principal’s honor student. Brianne Willis is the faculty’s honor student.

Des Moines: Dakota Martinez is the valedictorian and Reinda Rivale is the salutatorian.

Maxwell: Patrick Pacheco is the valedictorian and Tianna Connone is the salutatorian.

Springer: The high school recognizes the top five graduates. They are Brittany Baca, Devan Jansen, Cody Kear, Brandi Montoya, and Darren Montoya.

Wagon Mound: Charlene Trujillo is the valedictorian. No other student qualified as salutatorian, which requires a minimum grade point average.

Roy: The valedictorian is Emily Goret. The salutatorian is Tori Mitchell.

Mosquero did not have a graduating senior who qualified for valedictorian or salutatorian honors, which require a minimum grade point average.

About House Exchange Vacations

House exchange is one of the most popular ways to plan a cost-effective vacation. The practice of house swapping has been around for years, but it gained much more attention during the first part of the 21st century. A house exchange vacation also has the benefit of providing individuals or families with the option to test out locations in which they may like to spend more time without the expenditures of full-fledged vacations.

House exchange vacations are designed to offer people the opportunity to visit another part of the country or another nation altogether. Two parties contact each other and agree to let each other use their houses during the tenure of the holiday.

Most travel agents believe that the concept of house swapping was first developed in the 1950s in areas of California. During the 1970s, with the rise of the American travel industry, it became a viable option for travel, especially for families.

According to the US Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, it is estimated that 15 to 20 percent of all American vacations now use the method of house exchange for vacations as of 2008. This figure is expected to rise through 2015.

House swapping can save a family of four an estimated 30 to 40 percent of a vacation’s cost. House exchange allows families all of the amenities of home like a kitchen, refrigerator and entertainment as well as the use of a vehicle.

House exchange is very prominent on vacations that take place in a country that suffers from high levels of violence. The concept allows people to find safe places to stay and brings tourism dollars to areas that otherwise would be avoided.

Best Lakefront Properties

Lakefront properties are highly sought after because of the gorgeous views, cool breezes, and inviting sunsets. Lakefront properties are located in Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, and Texas. Finding the best realtor to work with of course is key; you want one that is going to work to get you what you want and within your price range.

Lake Front Properties and More
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Tennessee Lakefront Property
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Great Carolina Property
Also apart of the Exit Realty is Great Carolina Property with several lakefront properties available in North Carolina. This company is serious about getting you into the property you want. They deal in prime real estate in the area and can help you view several of their properties. The site is easy to navigate with plenty of photos of the property and surrounding. The company represents the buyer as a buyer’s agent since they sell directly for the buyer so you are not just dealing with the listing agent; you are dealing closer to the source.

Exit Realty Mountain Properties
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Reading a Bank Statement

Remember that vocal minority of annoying customers I have been talking about? Apparently, many of them have the time and ability to check their bank/credit card statement several times a day, but no idea how to properly read what is on there. Let me explain with a few choice examples of what we frequently get in the customer service logs.

“You double charged me!”

We get this so often I get a little chill down my spine every time I hear the customer service reps in the next room dealing with it. The problem arises from those banks that are so helpful as to show authorizations on your card as well as the actual transaction. An authorization is when a company first checks to see if the money is available, and then later closes the authorization for either the amount checked or a part of it. The various business we all use to do this every day, such as pay at the pump gas stations and restaurants that allow for tips to be added later.

Simple concept, right? Apparently notAnother version of this is when we do issue a refund to a client, which appears as a credit on their statement. Somehow that +/- difference, sometimes shown in the typically accounting fashion with parenthesis surrounding the number is a difficult one to grasp. Even when it says “credit” next to the transaction we get people who assume this new line item on their statement means we have the gall to be charging them again. Pick up that phone and lay into a customer service rep, that’ll teach ‘em!

Reading a Bank Statement

The kicker is that those that don’t get this concept right off and take the time to call in and complain, either never get the concept or won’t back down on it. These people will hang on the phone forever arguing with reps that are sincerely trying to explain this in the simplest of terms. Our reps often will have to resort to asking the customer to fax in their statement as proof, which many do not do, likely because they finally realize their error. Yet, somehow we have customers that will fax things in only to show that it does, in fact, say “credit” or “authorization” right next to the transaction just like we are trying to explain.

“You need to refund every charge I have on here that is unauthorized”

This is another oft-repeated concept in a variety of ways. When people purchase products online, they seem to do it in spurts. I find this is true of myself in fact; though I try hard not to compare my spending habits to those I complain about here, they are on a much different level. Because our company actually answers the phone because are a legitimate company we tend to waste a fair amount of time trying to convince people that we cannot, in fact, provide customer service for other companies on their statement.

Reading a Bank Statement

Does this sound ridiculous to you? I hope so.

Sadly, their plenty of companies out there that try hard not to help their customers with billing customers as a part of their business model. Their modus operandi is to see if customers will just give up and let the business keep their money. We, on the other hand, feel good about the products we are offering, and though we deal with our share of loonies that we end up refunding, the bulk of our customer base is happy and enjoys the services we charge for.

Funny thing is, next to every charge on your statement is a “descriptor” that a business can customize with a limited number of characters to help customers identify the charge. We include our toll-free number as part of that descriptor to help customers get a hold of us, as do many other businesses. When our reps suspect a charge is not from us, they ask the customer to read off what it says next to the charge – no small feat in many cases – and even when it says another business name, the customer will refuse to believe it is not our company! No matter how hard I shake my head, I cannot get my mind to clear enough to understand the logic on this.

Our reps are repeatedly called liars, thieves and many other choice names when they continue to deny these charges are from us and therefore not our responsibility. Just today a lady just kept screaming “LIAR!” over and over to a nice girl on our end until she finally had to just hang up.

BCB – The Better Customer Bureau

I really am baffled out people like this can act this way to customer service reps. Even beyond that, I just don’t get how people that cannot read a statement or understand the concept of taking responsibility for their purchasing habits can feel justified in trying to bully their way into getting a charge refunded. I really think there needs to be some business reporting process that allows companies to report errant or fraudulent customers back to credit card issuers and banks. Some kind of flagging system so you have the ability to know if a “problem” customer has a history of buying and charging back items without basis. Though the eBay system is flawed in many ways, having some public accountability for their actions keeps many customers acting nicer than they might in a more anonymous world. Think of it as the Better Customer Bureau. I know there are many privacy issues and other flaws with this concept, but I’m here to tell you that most BBB and Consumer Protection Agency complaints I have seen over the years are just if not more flawed…

Everything You Need To Know About Lipsense

lipsense is one of the most prominent and premium lip care product. This product is known for its great effects and care that it is able to offer its users. This product was introduced by the SeneGence. It is known that these lipsense colors are extremely different from all the lipsticks, colors or the stains that you know of or use on a regular basis. These products are known to have a long-lasting effect and are also waterproof. Some of the other features that it is able to offer to the users are that it does not budge off, rub off, smear off or kiss off. The company allows you to customize your own color palette by creating a combination of colors from fifty different shades that are present.

How to use the lipsense colors?

If you are a beginner at the use of lipsense colors, we are here to help you out. In this part of the article, we are sharing the tips about you can easily apply and use these colors. It is recommended that you buy at least three products in your first purchase. The basic lip kits that are available includes of a lip gloss, remover and lip color. In order to get the best out of the product, you are advised to buy these three together. Whenever you are applying the lipstick, it is a must that you use all three of them in order to get the best effect of the lipsense products.

You must begin by applying three layers of the color that you have chosen to apply. After you are done with color layers, it is a must that you apply a layer of lip gloss too. Also, you must only use the remover that comes along in order to get rid of the lip color after you are done.

Recommended colors to use

Since the lipsense colors are somewhat pricey and expensive, it is just that you should pay attention when buying the right color for yourself. The uniqueness of the lipsense is that when you apply different layers of the colors that you own, it can easily provide you anew color to go with. Even if you begin with the three basic colors, there is no need to buy any more colors. As these colors are enough to produce a huge number of combinations. These three basic colors are summer sunset, pink champagne and apple cider.


It is important for you to keep in mind that the lipsense colors comes along with a guarantee and are meant to offer you the best services as it can. In case you are not at all satisfied with the product that you have bought you can always look forward to returning it and collecting the refund when possible. This makes sure that you are not stuck with some product that you hate and which does not at all look good on you. You can buy these products without any hesitation as it is known to offer high-quality services.