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Understanding Wastewater Treatment

So you flush the toilet and that’s that, right? Not quite. For those who are connected to a public wastewater system, the following article will describe the process that wastewater undergoes.

Up first is the collection system itself. To carry away the wastewater, a conduit is needed. The wastewater is conveyed to the treatment plant by a gravity main and/or a pumping station. A typical pumping station basically has a dry well (for the pumps) as well as a wet well to collect the wastewater. As the wet well fills, floats and switches activate the pumps and conveys the wastewater to the treatment works.

At the entrance (inlet) of a typical treatment plant, a bar screen is employed to remove large debris (rags, wood etc.) and a grit chamber slows the flow rate down to approximately 2 feet per second so particles like egg shells can be removed. You don’t want that kind of stuff in the pumps. Other grit removal machines employ centrifugal force.

At the primary treatment stage, large settling tanks are constructed and sized so as to allow the solids to settle out as a sludge at the bottom of the tanks where it is removed for either further treatment or complete removal and disposal. The average settling time in these tanks is two hours. Approximately 20% of the suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is removed in this phase of treatment. The definition of “BOD” is as follows: The amount of oxygen required to stabilize organic matter at 68 degrees fahrenheit in 5 days. It is measured in milligrams per liter (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm).

In the next stage, two of the most popular secondary treatment methods used are trickling filters and activated sludge systems. In the trickling filter method, the effluent from the primary settling tanks is distributed over a bed of certain medium by moving pipe laterals in a circular motion continuosly from a central hub. Microbial action treats the wastewater as it contacts the medium downwards. In the activated sludge system, the primary tank effluent flows into large aeration basins or tanks and mixes with the bio-mass (called mixed liquor) that is already present. A simple way to describe this process is as follows: Under excess aeration, the solubilized organics are metabolized into carbon dioxide, water and new bacterial cells. Elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus are altered during this treatment phase. Nitrification takes place in the warmer temperatures. A certain amount of this bio-mass is returned back into the basins to keep the microbial population healthy. Some of the bio-mass is removed (wasted) from the basins periodically to maintain the same aforementioned balance. Approximately 80% of the suspended solids and “BOD” are removed in this phase of treatment.

Using water softeners both for commercial and industrial can be quite expensive. Hence, it is advisable to always look for the best commercial water softeners at a discount price.

If there is no tertiary treatment required by the regulatory agency, the effluent from the secondary system enters the disinfection phase before it is discharged into the receiving stream or deep-well injection. Some plants employ chlorination; some use ultraviolet bulb systems. Nowadays, dechlorination is employed after chlorination because chlorine can harm fish. Some very small treatment systems use sand filters for their tertiary treatment, thereby producing a very high quality effluent, especially for a smaller sized receiving stream.

The subjects of odor control, proficient operations and cost-effectiveness cannot be discussed here in this limited article. As far as this writer is aware, pharmaceuticals and some chemicals may not be removed from the treatment plant. It is very important to remember that no one should flush any pharmaceuticals down the toilet. As far as the commercial users of wastewater systems, it is of paramount concern and consequence that no illegal dumping of chemicals ever takes place, ever.

Author’s note: This writer is a former licensed wastewater treatment operator having commenced with an apprenticeship in the United States Air Force.

Risks And Benefits Of Cbd Oil Or Canabidol

There is wide variety of health benefits that CBD oil can deliver to our health. Some of those are the following

Drug withdrawals and quitting smoking

Over  the years, there are promising evidences that suggest CBD as an effective substance to help people quit smoking and drug. There was a published review in Neurotherapeutics claiming that CBD can be very helpful in providing treatment to people with addiction disorders with opiod.


CBD oil is also believed to be an effective treatment for epilepsy. In fact, CBD (Epidiolex) has been approved by FDA as a therapy for two rare conditions of epileptic seizures in 2018. In America, CBD (Epidiolex) can be prescribed as a medication for Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These types of seizures are considered to be challenging to control with other types of medication. Only CBD has the ability to treat these seizures.


Another health benefit of CBD oil is its ability to fight cancer. According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, there is a found evidence that the spread of cancer can be prevented significantly using CBD. The compound of CBD has the ability to suppress and destruct cancer cells growth.

Anxiety Disorders

CBD can also be used as a treatment for mental health diseases like anxiety and depression, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are characteristics of CBD products like cbd capusles uk that can fight depression and other mental problems.

Just like a coin with two sides, CBD has also two sides, the good and the bad. While CBD has several health benefits, there are also some  risk in the compound. Some of the cbd for chronic pain cons are:

  • Breathing problems
  • Infections
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Reduced appetite
  • Reduced urination
  • Symptoms related to the central nervous system
  • Liver problems
  • Rashes and other sensitivity reaction

While FDA has already approved the use of CBD in some medical cases, researches noticed the above-mentioned adverse effects in clinical trials. Also, in contrary to some research about the ability of CBD to treat anxiety and depression, some studies claim that CBD has a risk of worsening suicidal thoughts and depression. Hence, it is advised that it is of great importance to monitor anyone who is using CBD for signs of mood change.

Overall, there are several contradicting studies about CBD. Thus, the evidence of such studies are still not enough to finally and totally approve or disapprove CBD as a treatment for wide variety of health problems. As of the moment, the two rare cases or types of epilepsy are the only approved diseases by DFA that can be treated by CBD. As a customer, you should be guided that taking medicine that is not approved by DFA can be risky. Thus, it is recommended that before buying any medicine, it is important to always consult with your doctor or medical provider to ensure the legality and quality of the medicine that you are taking.

The Good Side and the Bad Side of New Jersey Apartment Complexes

There are several reasons why more and more people are choosing not to rent an apartment in New Jersey. First of all you just don’t seem to get what you are paying for. The among of space that you end up getting in an apartment that cost thirteen hundred dollars or more, can seem like a joke, compared to what you can receive in other states. Of course you will find that private listings can be just as high, but in some cases they can be more affordable than choosing an apartment complex. Many of these complexes with charge you a non-refundable credit check fee. This fee can cost you anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars per adult. Even if one of the adults does not work they will still end up charging you for that individual.

For handling affairs relating to money, one has to be street smart not only through action but by mind as well because it is an important aspect of a personality to deal with rental issues and New Jersey complexes are not bad by any margin, quite the contrary. So to pay the rent, be it $20 or $30, it is well worth it as the complex gives the distant feel of a Parc Central Residences complex in a Porsche US location and there is nothing bad in sweating it out to pay for it.

Second what they don’t seem to tell you in their brochures or advertisements is the fact that once you fill out and application and submit your credit check fee, you will still have to pay a deposit. This deposit is for them to place the apartment on hold so that no one else is able to rent it until they find out if you have passed the credit check or not. The good thing about this amount of money is that you will get it back if you are not given an apartment due to bad credit. The problem many people have is that this so called reservation fee can cost you as much as three hundred dollars. This amount seems pretty ridicules especially since it could take them several weeks to find out if you are accepted or not. If you are accepted this money will be applied to your first months rent. If not than that just wasted a few weeks out of your time and you will still have to wait for them to issue your refund check.

Before you submit any application to any complexes you should go over the entire process with them from start to finish. They should be able to tell you exactly how and when everything will be processed. In some cases they will even tell you before you fill out an application what their credit score requirements are. This way if your credit does not meet the criteria you will not waste your time filling out an application. Of course there are only a very small amount of complexes which actually do this. The other thing that many people seem to complain about is the management staff, and the maintenance staff. Many people have found that once you get into the apartment trying to find someone to fix something is just as difficult as getting the apartment in the first place. Your telephone calls are often answered my machines. Even if you leave a message many find that it takes weeks for them to get a response. Some people have found that they never get a response at all. Of course not all apartment complexes in New Jersey are like this, but it seems that the majority of them are. Make sure that you check online for any apartment reviews that will tell you what other people have had to deal with when it comes to renting an apartment in New Jersey.

DIY Fashion … Without All the Work

Ah, to be an artist of fashion – a true fashionista, able to do everything from imagine a one-of-a-kind design to whipping it up in no time at all. Who wouldn’t like to be able to design their own handbags or lingerie? To show off their unique style – and to be able to do it without any of the labor involved. 

Three companies are aiming to allow customers to do just that: You design your own handbags, dresses, or lingerie and all the hard work is done for you. Sound cool? Then in order to try this, all you need is to follow luxurytastic and read luxurytastic replicas reviews that will guide you with the whole process of creating your unique designs. 

Elemental Threads: Handbags Made to Order

Elemental Threads (or eThreads) launched in Connecticut earlier this year and boasts of more than 60,000 ways to design your own custom-made handbag. Every fabric offered is limited in quantity, so you get not just the style that’s all your own but in a material that very few people will ever have seen. Talk about unique.

Creating your own handbag is a matter of ease that a child could do. You begin by visiting the website – www.elementalthreads.com – and click the Start Designing button. What you’re presented with are a series of bag styles all in tempting blank white canvases, ready for your imagination to run wild with. There are totes, pouches, ring bags, and clutches to choose from ranging from $16 – $75.

After choosing the style of bag you like, you get to pick the fabric and hardware. Everything is done with point-and-click ease; just hovering over a fabric swatch shows you how the bag will look in that material. The fabrics themselves are full of options – choose from canvas, cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, or a specialty palette and you have even more delicious choices. Everything from what snaps, zippers, and lining can be customized – and you can choose different fabrics for the upper and lower portions of clutches or the body and handles of totes.

Coming soon to eThreads are wristlets, necklaces, belts, and notebooks. Be uniquely styled in a full array and you can say … “I designed this!”

StyleShake: Dresses, Tops, and Skirts Made Your Way

Talk about a way to create a wardrobe that will never – ever – be duplicated. StyleShake lets customers get creative by designing their own clothes. Starting with a selection of quality fabrics and working with pattern pieces that fall together like puzzle work, you can have new duds delivered to your door from London in as little as 10 days.

Starting the design at StyleShake (www.styleshake.com) requires a few minutes of (optionally) inputting your measurements so you’re guaranteed a perfect, tailor fit. Then, you can proceed to choose between designing a dress, a top, or a skirt. Next, you can choose between cotton, linen, silk, or silk metallic fabrics in a range of colors.

From here, the design gets real fun. You’re presented with a virtual mannequin on which your style comes together. When designing a dress, you choose every section in a natural progression from the top to the neckline, the waist, and the bottom. Then you can choose trimmings from belts to bows to stones. Shirts begin with the basic style of shirt, continue to neckline and sleeves, and end with trimmings ranging from belts to collars and frills. Skirts begin with the waist, continue to the bottom, and end with trimmings like belts and pleats.

Add to the designing fun a community atmosphere and you have a winning site. By registering with StyleShake, you can store the designs you create as part of your profile. Members can then rate and comment on your designs, or you can browse other members’ creations to serve as inspiration for your own.

Evlove: Intimate Apparel Designed By You

Evlove Intimates (Evlove is “evolve” spelled backward) was born out of Jenny Dombroski’s desire to allow you to create intimate pieces that are unique to your own style. Based on the idea that the lingerie you wear is an expression of you – or how you want to feel on any given day – Evlove lets you have fun creating your own look with custom-crafted lingerie made just for you.

By visiting Evlove Intimates (www.evloveintimates.com) and choosing the Design Studio link, you’re presented with an array of lingerie to begin designing. This is an easy – and fun – 3 step process that begins by choosing between a cross bralet, g-string, thong, panty, triangle cami, boyshorts, wrap bralet, scoop cami, or chemise.

From here, it’s like playing with digital paper dolls. You begin with fabric choices in a variety of tempting (and flesh-loving) styles before moving on to trims that include bodice accents and strap ribbons. Top it off with appliqué accents – satin or organza bows, flowers, and sequined flowers – and you’re ready to preview or modify your finished piece.

Evlove even has a home party service, at no cost, that is promoted as being a unique bachelorette party idea, or a completely different girls’ night out. The parties last 2-3 hours, accommodate up to 20 people and brings with it the full selection of almost-do-it-yourself possibilities offered on the website. Plus, the host of the party gets a special gift and a discount on any order they make.

How To Select a Competitive Swimming Team

It happens every four years following the Olympics-an athlete or group of athletes will have such an outstanding run at the games that millions of kids want to go for the gold themselves. Last autumn, local swimming programs were inundated with new “Be Like Mike” wannabes who wanted to glide through the water like Phelps. Chances are your child was one of them.

Swimming lessons, however, can only take an athlete so far. How do you know if your child is ready for competitive swimming, and furthermore, how do you select a team that will benefit your budding athlete? Along with your swimming team make sure that you get the very best one piece swimwear online that would help you and your team by giving you an edge in the competition.

The lure of winning championship medals is what draws parents and children alike to the sport of competitive swimming. Joining a swim team entails much more than that. For one, swimmers endure hours of practice before even participating in a competitive meet. Secondly, the swim team offers a sense of camaraderie and personal achievement as well as the opportunity to hone a set of athletic skills that will remain throughout a lifetime.

Summer is a good time to try out the swim team experience as, for one, school is not in session, thus putting less pressure on budding athletes trying to determine whether the sport fits them. However, it’s also a good time to try swimming with a team because of the variety of programs that abound during warmer months.

“In summer you can find some very good developmental programs for year-round teams,” said Pat Hogan, director of club development for USA Swimming. “It’s a fertile recruiting ground.”

During the summer, many local park districts sponsor limited-time programs that run at outdoor pools. These are generally less competitive than year-round clubs, but the sight of dozens of swimmers performing laps up and down lanes of a pool can be daunting for a novice. Don’t worry. A thorough program, even at a more informal level will have a number of levels, allowing beginning competitive swimmers to ease into skills to be successful in practice.

Before your child jumps in, however, make sure he or she has the required skills. Each program has different requirements, but it’s a safe bet that your child should be able to swim the basic freestyle stroke comfortably 25 yards down the length of the pool.

“We like them (beginners) to swim the length of the pool in freestyle and backstroke and have the ability to develop a legitimate breaststroke and butterfly,” said Mark Townsend, head coach of the Naperville, IL Mavericks Swim Team.

For the uninitiated, the four basic swim strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Although freestyle is generally the go-to stroke for swimmers, parents should find a program that works on all four competitive strokes, even if your child shows an unusual aptitude for one or two.

“The reason why you want to have a program that teaches all strokes equally is that you don’t want to have a program where they are any false barriers to success,” said Hogan. “The swimmer who is a good freestyler at nine may have a good backstroke at 11, and a good butterfly at 13.”

Growth spurts are a time when swimmers tend to become better in certain strokes. Generally, Hogan noted, swimmers will become better in long-axis strokes-freestyle and backstroke-or short-axis strokes-breaststroke and butterfly. Instruction in all four is important because one does not know how a body will develop as it grows.

Time commitment is another consideration. Proximity is often a deciding factor for beginning team swimmers, but flexibility should be another consideration. Many teams will specify days for practice, i.e., Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or Tuesday-Thursday for beginners. Check, however, to see if your prospective team has coaches available for your level on every practice day. The idea is to allow your child to be able to get proper instruction for your time availability.

Beginning team swimmers should expect a time commitment of 45 to 60 minutes per session, two to three times per week to build stamina as well as refine strokes. Time commitments increase with the age of the swimmer as well as the ability level. Don’t be intimidated, either by the eight-year-old who can swim every stroke well and has outstanding competitive times. Your child will improve with consistent practice. Good clubs have levels that are appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced swimmers. The same goes for placing beginners in events at meets. When first starting out, competitive swimmers should be placed in shorter events, i.e. 25 or 50 yards, depending on age with swimmers of similar ability level before progressing onto more difficult ones.

The team’s philosophy is important, too. Although you want to see the progression over the various competitive levels, you don’t want a program that emphasizes too much too soon.

“Look at the goals and philosophy of the team to see how well their developmental program moves swimmers from one level to the next, “Hogan said. “For swimmers 12 and under the idea is to introduce them to the sport. The team should structure activities in such a way that younger swimmers can do other activities.”

Teaching stroke mechanics is also important to the core of the program, as is patience in a coaching staff. Children often don’t understand what they’re being taught the first time around. Emphasis on good technique is crucial. Other things to look for are a stable coaching staff and whether the club participates in USA Swimming’s Club Recognition or Club Excellence programs.

Swim team members compete in individual and team events. Individual events consist of swimming a specified stroke or a medley of all four competitive strokes while team events are relay races. The latter are generally freestyle relays, where everyone swims the basic stroke, as well as medley relays where each swimmer swims one of the strokes. Let your team’s coaches decide when your child is ready to enter a competitive event. You are not doing your child any favors by pushing them into an event when their stroke mechanics lag behind others on their level. While some children shrug off a sub-par competitive performance, others start losing interest when they are constantly trailing the field.

Number And Letter Snacks For a Sesame Street Birthday Party

You’ve watched Sesame Street with your kids haven’t you? Each episode is brought to you by a letter, a number, and/or a color. Throughout the show, you’ll see that particular letter, or other factor, repeated over and over, orally and visually. That’s how really little kids learn so quickly when watching the show. Of course, once a child begins watching Sesame Street he or she is just going to want more. That means it’s going to be a Sesame Street birthday party; your child will never forget it. To create the real effect you’ll need lots of colors, like blue, yellow, green, and red. You’ll also need letters and numbers. Whether they be snacks, or sweets, you can make it happen!

There are many delicious foods that can be turned into letter or number treats for kids. One thing any child will love at the birthday party is a fun finger food with a Sesame Street theme. Use a cookie cutter to cut a number or letter – or more than one – from cheese. A really orange cheese, such as cheddar, is a good choice. Just cut out letters, numbers, or both. Put a piece on a cracker and a child will eat it up.

Food is the main ingredient that is considered the soul of any birthday party, which includes the cake that is eaten and enjoyed by one and all, be it young or old and if you want to a satisfy a child, there can be nothing better than chocolates and birthdays have everything that a child wants in his life, atleast at that age. Also, balloons of different colors would be an added bonus, which includes helium balloon because it lasts for a longer period

Gelatin is colorful, sweet, and perfect for little kids. Instead of pouring it into a bowl, pour it on a cookie sheet, and it will be easy to cut. Use cookie cutters to cut out letters, numbers, or both. Make them all the same color or present various colors. With cookie cutters you can even make letters or numbers from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If you don’t want to make any special foods you can use certain foods as letters and/or numbers. If the birthday party is brought to you by the number “0”, or the letter “O”, you can use bagels or doughnuts. Push two doughnuts together to make the number “8”. If the party is featuring the number “1”, you could serve hot dogs, pretzel sticks, cheese sticks, or even doughnut sticks.

Make any number or letter cake by first baking a rectangular cake. Cut rectangles from it, arrange them like the letter or number you want, and then frost them. Frost the cake in Sesame Street-type colors, like yellow, orange, blue, red, or green. Any cookie can become a number or letter, too; just frost the cookie and pipe on the number or letter.

Sesame Street has won over the hearts of millions of kids so it’s natural that yours would want to have it as a birthday party theme. You won’t have any trouble finding Sesame Street decorations, paper plates, and cups, and as for the snacks and desserts, you’ve got them covered.

How To Make a Wallet From a Chip Wrapper

Chip wrappers or bags are made in a variety of colors and sizes. You can use empty chip wrappers to make handbags, bracelets, vests and wallets to recycle the wrapper and help the environment. A chip wrapper or bag with a flat unfolded surface of 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches is required in order to make a full-size wallet.


Chip wrapper, clean




Folding Instructions:

Step 1 – Cut a clean chip wrapper open and flatten it into one layer. Measure, mark and cut the chip wrapper into an 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch shape.

Step 2 – Place the chip wrapper on a flat, stable work surface with the 11-inch edge positioned horizontally. and the decorated side face down.

Step 3 – Fold the top 11-inch edge of the chip wrapper down and match it with the bottom edge. Crease the fold line with the edge of a ruler. Open the wrapper to its original position.

Step 4 – Measure and fold the top edge down 1/2 inch. Crease the fold with a ruler. Open the chip wrapper. Do the same with the bottom edge.

Step 5 – Measure and fold the 8 1/2-inch right edge 1/2 inch toward the wrapper center. Crease the fold with a ruler. Open the chip wrapper. Do the same with the left edge.

Step 6 – Fold the 8 1/2-inch left edge to the right edge. Match the edges and fold. Crease the fold with a ruler. Open the wrapper.

Step 7 – Fold the left edge toward the right edge, stopping 1/4 inch from left edge. Crease the fold with a ruler and open the wrapper. Do the same with the right side.

Step 8 – Fold the top edge toward the bottom edge, stopping 1/4 inch from the bottom edge. Crease the fold with a ruler and open the wrapper. Do the same with the bottom edge.


Step 1 – Fold the 1/2-inch bottom fold. Fold the horizontal fold in the center. Pick up the chip wrapper so the 1/2-inch folded edge is facing you and the horizontal fold is on the bottom.

Step 2 – Push the bottom left corner of the 1/2-inch horizontal fold toward the inside of the wallet. An indented V shape is created between the edge and the fold line on the left side. Fold the portion of the 1/2-inch edge of the V closest to you toward the inside of the wallet. Fold the remaining portion of the V over the outside of the chip wrapper wallet closet to you. Repeat the process with the right side of the wallet.

Step 3 – Push the 1/2-inch fold along the top left hand corner toward the inside of the wallet to create an indented V shape. Insert the V into the 1/2-inch folded edge to secure the top to the side of the wallet. Fold the 1/2-inch top folded edge of the chip wrapper toward the inside of the wallet at the same time to create a finished edge. Repeat the process with the top right corner of the chip wrapper wallet.

Step 4 – Fold the wallet in half at the pre-folded vertical line. All cut edges of the chip wrapper wallet are now hidden and inside the folded wallet. A small triangle is visible on the bottom left and bottom right hand corner if all folding is done correctly. Thus, the folding of the thin wallet will provide comfort in carrying them. The sitting of the person will not be affected through the wallet in the back pocket of the pants..

4 Essential Tips to Investing In Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin is considered as one of the best digital currencies in the realm of crypcurrency. Hence, a lot of people are getting interested and starting to enter the world of Bitcoin investing. However, Bitcoin is quite different from traditional investment instruments. Before you enter into it, you have to embrace a new world of investment scheme. If you are interested in Bitcoin investing, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some tips to investing in this popular cryptoccurency. These tips will serve as your guidance so you will not get lost in the process. Don’t join the bitcoin revolution trading software before you read this:

Learn How to Allocate Your Bitcoin Properly

One of the important tips that you should know when investing in Bitcoin is to learn how to properly store your bitcoin first. Just like in any process or system, it is important to start from the very basics. This will allow you to have a foundation of the entire process. By learning the foundation of the basics and mechanics of selling and buying bitcoin, you will be able to understand how the system exactly works. As a result, you can effectively make your strategies properly.

Always keep your eyes on the market cap

Another essential tip when investing in Bitcoin is to keep your eyes peeled on the market cap. One of the main mistakes of new investors is that they only make decisions and actions based purely on coin price. But in reality, it is the value of cryptocurrency that matters the most. You should not solely focus on the current value of the coin. Instead, you should take into consideration the percentage of the total market cap that you are buying.

Diversify Your Crypto Investments

Another important thing to do is to diversify your investments. Normally, investing in one platform alone is not ideal as it will just provide you with minimal returns. Also, if you diversify your investment, you can protect yourself from substantial loss as you will be able to spread your risk into different areas. Investment risk management is very crucial in cryptocurrency investing. Don’t place all your eggs in just on basket. Instead, try to invest your in several cryptocuurencies with high growth potential aside from bitcoin. This way, you will be able to protect your investment from risk and at the same time, you will gain more profits.

Bitcoin is a high risk opportunity and volatile, accept it!

Lastly, if you will handle bitcoin investing mentally, you will need to get your mind and focus on the market and be keen in observing the current standing of the market. You need to be aware that the market in Bitcoin is quite volatile. As a beginner, you might find it difficult to trade because the market is quickly changing every now and then. Inaddition, the risk in bitcoin is significantly high so you better prepare and arm yourself with the right information.

The Trends of Cricket is growing! How? Read to find out

When we pass from one generation to another generation we can notice that a lot of things change. It is also happening to cricket. Its changing everyday. Will this stop someday? When I asked my grandpa about cricket he is awakening a lot of happy memories about test cricket. He talked a lot about Sir Don Bradman, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Len Hutton and Michael Thisera Anura Tennakoon. When I asked the same question from my father he is happily talking about one day internationals than test matches. He is talking about the excitement of the result oriented one day internationals which is widely spread all over the world after 1975 world cup. Then I turn around to my son who is a teen. And Oh God! All he talks about is the cricket’s instant version of T20 Cricket. He is not bothering about test cricket at all. He is telling me “See papa, it is lasting only three hours! And it is very very exciting. And it also suits nicely to our busy life style”. And what can I say to him? This is how cricket comes through the generations. If this trend continues, I cannot imagine what will happen to cricket in the next generation. When we develop, techniques should get better and better. Equipment, techniques, language, etc. should get changed from the yesteryear. It is good for the sake of cricket. the best example is umpire’s decisions. What he sees with his naked eye may be wrong. It may be the cause to end a great inning of a batsmen. But today improved techniques will assist the umpire to make his decision. Now he can give almost correct decisions than in yesteryears. This kind of things are very helpful in the game of cricket.

But the worrying factor is changing the version of cricket. When the one day version is introduced in 1971 lot of cricket journalists said that it will be a damage to the test cricket. It has happened to some extent. A lot of spectators move from test cricket to one day internationals because the thought five days of cricket without a result is a boring thing. It has remained for 3.5 decades like that. Then what happened? Some pundits thought that one days should also be changed because when a bating side collapse their top batsmen within the first half of the match, the remainder will not offer much entertainment to the spectators. That idea led to cricket’s instant T20 version. This T20 version kills the spirit of the game and batsman’s techniques. Everything is instant. If we take food as an example, do you believe a doctor would recommend us instant food? No, he will never recommend that because it isn’t good for our health. This T20 is also like that. It is not good for the game of cricket. The worst scenario is this T20 version entering school cricket. My opinion is that it will kill cricket. If this continues can you expect batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, Jeff Boycott, Gordon Greinge, Greg Chapell and Ray Dias Sidath to come to the cricket world? I don’t think so!

What they think is to finish the game as soon as they can and earn a lot of money instantly. The value of the great test cricket is deteriorating the ipl 2020 schedule and time which will be delayed because of some concerns regarding the sponsor and television partners but it will be resumed shortly and the cricket lovers can watch their favorite players playing on field again soon. Cricket is selling very fast all over the world like instant hot dogs. To conclude this I think this playing T20 cricket for money is like the gladiators who fight each other to entertain the spectators. Those spectators spend their hard-earned money to get thrilled by watching these brutal fights. The organizers of the fights become rich. Can you say that this not the thing happening in T20 version of cricket? Cricketers destroy and kill their techniques and the spirit of the game to entertain the spectators. And the spectators spend their money lavishly to enjoy these matches and the organizers of these matches are reaping the harvest. They become more richer that the others. So what will be the future of cricket?

How to Eat Out When You’re on a Diet

As many people know, dieting can be a great step towards making the transition into a healthier lifestyle that results in greater wellness and permanent weight loss. And because dieting can be a very challenging and mentally taxing endeavor, many dieters find it necessary to participate in social events that allow them to relax and continue enjoying life as they make positive changes in their eating habits. Although there are times when dieting alone would not help you, in such cases, there is Laser liposuction that you can go through to get rid of your fat quickly. However, following a diet plan and losing your weight like that is always going to be the best way. 

Oftentimes, participating in social events with friends and families incorporates eating out or being in settings where large amounts of food are available. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the type of food offered as well as how much mental power you’ve developed to help you resist unhealthy eating options. Irrespective of whether you have will power or not, however, there are certain strategies you can implement to ensure that your diet isn’t negatively impacted when you go out to eat with friends and family. Here are three strategies:

  1. Eat Before You Participate In Social Events.

This strategy can be effective in two ways. First, it increases the likelihood that you will be full and less likely to consume large amounts of unhealthy food. Second, you can honestly inform a friend or family member that you’re not eating anything at all because you already ate. Yesterday, I volunteered at Helping Hands Community Based Services and brought several packages of trail mix with me to consume while I was there. This proved to be advantageous because after I arrived, I learned that the staff would be having cake in honor of a counselor who was leaving the organization. Although the cake was not opened before I left, the trail mix kept me full and could’ve helped me resist the sugary snack if someone had offered me a slice.

  1. Forego The Appetizers.

Appetizers like bread or chips and salsa can pack on the pounds, especially if you’re eating them indiscriminately. Several months ago, I went out to eat with my father and found myself eating a ton of pizza-like appetizers in addition to a huge meal. Although I worked this meal off with exercise and don’t really regret the splurge because it’s a rarity, I recognize that behaviors like this can be very counterproductive for individuals who are on a diet. In discussing how to eat out successfully, Registered Dietitian Tina Ruggiero advises us to stay away from appetizers because they can lead to overeating. Also, Ruggiero says that ordering a few small healthy appetizers can be a great alternative to the main dish. In selecting your appetizers, Ruggerio advises you to choose items like broth-based soups, fresh vegetable dishes, and seared tuna. She also advises you to avoid anything described with terms like “crispy,” “creamy,” or “rich.”

  1. Avoid Buffets.

Like many Americans, I grew up enjoying buffets at restaurants like Ryan’s. Buffets are alluring because they create the concept of plentitude while offering you innumerable food options to choose from. In discussing how to eat out when you’re on a diet, About.com writer Jennifer R. Scott says studies show that when we’re given more options, we tend to eat more. Thus while individuals who have not made a commitment to a diet may enjoy consuming plates and plates of food from buffets, dieters will likely feel guilty and experience a sense of failure if they do so. This is why simply avoiding buffets is a great idea for dieters. If you’re going out with friends and families and they suggest that you eat at a buffet, politely ask if you can eat somewhere else.

Eating out while you’re on a diet can be a daunting endeavor. Yet by implementing the simple tips I’ve listed above, I believe you can have greater success and preclude yourself from falling off the wagon as you lose weight and eat better. Good luck!