Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is running for president and – like last time – she’s acting like she’s already secured the nomination and will be elected.

We know how well that worked out for her last time.Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

So imagine the surprise when the poll for New Hampshire came out showing that Sanders has 31% to Hillary’s 41%.

The poll is meaningless in terms of predicting how either candidate will do nationally, but it does show that Hillary is far from a “done deal” this time around, especially considering she will also face competition (more serious than with Sanders) from former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.

Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

Hillary has never been seen as a serious “progressive” by the Left. She’s the establishment candidate and too hawkish on foreign policy causes and too cozy with big corporations for the taste of Liberals. Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning anything except the protest vote but he will force Hillary to tack Left more than she’d like and he may siphon enough votes off if he runs as an independent nationally.

Think of Ross Perot costing George H.W. Bush enough votes to allow Bill Clinton to win back in 1992.

Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton from the Left

The more momentum Sanders (and O’Malley) build the more Left wing wackos that will come out of the woodwork which will expose more and more Americans to just how extremist the Democratic party has become.

That is why I am hoping Sanders keeps gaining in the polls. What I think will likely happen is O’Malley will win the nomination but the Democrats will be so bloodied by the Leftist in-fighting that they will be heavily weakened and, unless a complete idiot wins the GOP nomination (i.e. Bush) Republicans will take control of the Executive branch.