Detroit’s Metro Airport features a wide variety of concessionary venues for any palette. From casual dining, to quick serve, to coffee shop, the options are quite impressive. In this article I will review the best coffee shops available within Detroit Metro Airport’s McNamara Terminal.

Caribou Coffee Gate A-72- Located at the very North end of the McNamara Terminal is 1 of 3 Caribou Coffee locations. While this was my second favorite Caribou Coffee location in the terminal, the closure of the Baggage Claim location causes this to be bumped up.

Also, the security arrangements are top notch in all the sections, which has been the case since 9/11 but the Coffee Shops are the most preferred hangout spots for travelers which serve excellent variety at affordable prices, be it latte, chocolate, vanilla, etc. and there is no other airport, except perhaps Seattle Tacoma International, that can match Detroit Metro when it comes to the best coffee shops in airports.

Caribou Coffee at Gate A-72 offers sandwiches, salads, and a variety of Caribou Coffee’s fine baked items. Baked items offered by Caribou Coffee include muffins, their legendary lemon poppy seed cake, and scones. As far as coffee beverages go, I whole heartedly suggest any Caribou Coffee newbie to try either the “Campfire Mocha” or the “Lite White Berry”. This location also offers bottled beverages which can be enjoyed on the plane.

Although there is no devoted seating for this location, it is located within a food court which provides not only ample seating, but a gorgeous view of sunrises and sunsets.

Coffee Beanery Café- Michigan’s own coffee franchise, The Coffee Beanery is by far one of the best coffee options in Detroit’s Metro Airport-especially for those that fall into the self proclaimed “coffee snob” category. The Coffee Beanery roasts each variety of bean uniquely to bring out the most valuable flavor nuances the bean has to offer. As well as having great tasting regular blends, The Coffee Beanery also offers flavored roasts including Butter Rum, English Toffee and Cream, Michigan Cherry, Hawaiian Coconut, and the new Macadamia Nut coffees. The Coffee Beanery even roasts their beans right here in Michigan!

If drip brew isn’t your “cup of Joe”, than try one of The Coffee Beanery’s “Signature Drinks”. These drinks include the “Café Carmel”, the “Black and White Frappalatte”, and the “Mocha Cream”.

The Coffee Beanery Café also offers baked goods and sandwiches.

Online Café- The Online Café in addition to offering a nice assortment of espresso drinks is one of the best coffee shops in Detroit’s Metro Airport.

Online Café offers WI-FI, great café styled food including Panini sandwiches, salads, and baked items such as muffins. This great coffee shop is a welcome alternative from the kiosk variety of coffee shops that dominate Detroit’s Metro Airport.

Whether you are searching for a sit down meal, a quick bite to eat, or just a wake me up, these coffee shops in Detroit’s Metro Airport are the best choices available. Hours for all locations are 6am-9:30pm unless cancellations require extended hours.