While the world has become a Netflix addict, some of us still don’t prefer spending money on getting subscriptions every month to watch movies and TV shows, when there is a whole pool of free apps that let us do the same. I am sure most of us are using free websites or application on our phones to get our daily dose of entertainment and Netflix and chill isn’t really a concept for us. There are so many websites that have uploads of latest movies and series, and just like that, we have apps as well which are free to use entirely. All that is needed is signing up on it, and you are good to go.

What you have to keep in mind before downloading any of the apps is that any of the good apps won’t ask you for any personal information. Any application that asks for more than your email isn’t as trustworthy. Also, you should always download apps from reliable sources like google play store and app store for iOS users. Here are some of the apps which the user have found to be reliable.


This app is the easiest to navigate and is the best alternative for any of your subscription-based platforms. You won’t be charged anything for all that the app has to offer to you. Some of its features like no advertisement and no requirement of a login make this app as popular as it is among all users. You can watch anything you want in HD quality and get subtitles for it as well, without having to use any add ons.

The app for this app has to be downloaded externally, but it is a trustable app despite it not being available on the play store. All android users can definitely give it a go.


With the help of Bobby Box, you will have access to a database of the best movies and TV shows in the world. It is again for android users only because of iOS limits a lot of things. For all those who can use this app, HD streaming is possible without needing to sign up on the app. The only effort you will have to put into is downloading subtitles if needed, because they are not directly available on the app.


It is surprising to see that this app is available for free in the google play store. It has the best movies and TV shows, mostly the ones which are difficult to find on any other platform. You don’t need any subscription for it, and it has something for all age groups which is the best feature of the app. Anything you or your kids wish to watch, even something from across the world, it is available on Tubi TV very easily.

Another benefit of using this app for your entertainment needs is that it can very easily be connected to your smart TVs so you can watch whatever you like on a bigger screen. It is more or less like a free Netflix only.


CyberFlix TV (formerly known Terrarium TV) is very different from your usual streaming apps and the ones we have discussed until now. It hosts its content through various cloud services and has an extremely easy to use interface as well. With most apps, you are bound to get lost in the interface for once, but this one catches on pretty quickly. It is again not available for regular use in the app store, but it is an apk which is definitely worth downloading. Out of all the apps, this one is the most recommended by users. That is also because the database is also quite wide, which includes more than 100000+ movies and Tv shows.

There are many other such apps which you can find very easily, but you always have to be careful with what you use. Many such easily available apps carry a virus which can damage your phone. So, be careful and be always entertained.