As much as sports and exercise is necessary for us adults, playing is necessary for babies. They might seem like they can’t do much except eat and sleep, but having toys to play with can really help with their development. Specific toys can be really helpful in the early days to improve the mental and physical growth of the baby.

A major part of the playtime with babies is letting them experience through colours, materials, and different activities. It can really help them learn while they are awake. Parents also play a huge role in this because very young babies can’t do much on their own. Hence, it is best that you get age appropriate toys and make the best of their time.

Activity mats

Such mats might seem like a very simple thing and not really a toy, but they are much needed to let your baby grow out of that foetus position they have grown used to. They need to stretch and need room to do that, which is why activity mats are one of the best toys. These mats have toys attached to them, which can be a great add on for babies, or you can add toys like Wooden stubborn man toy, yourself.

Musical devices

Any toy that has soothing music coming out of it can be very good for the baby’s ears. Ears are one of the first organs to mature in this stage so that the growth process will speed up if they hear soothing sounds. The best option is for the baby to hear your voice so you can even sing to her. If you use any toy, make sure the music is not too overwhelming for the baby.


Flashcards are small cards attached to one loop, acting as a great jiggling toy for the baby. They have pictures on them which are easy on the eyes of the baby, and it’s something they are able to see. The idea is to give them some visual stimulation, which can also help keep them a little busy. This is a great toy to carry around as well because of the small size.


These are not the mobiles that you might think they are. This toy for babies has been named so because of its movable design. It will usually have cards or pictures attached to it, which move around in circles when the device is turned on. This is something like the toy which is attached to the baby’s crib, but this is not really attached to anything, hence a mobile. This along with an activity mat, can make a perfect combination of toys.


Rattles are one of the most fascinating toys for babies, and also, something that can really help them exercise their arms and grip. When they shake the rattle, they use the strength in their arm which is a good thing. Also, the sound that comes out of the rattle is stimulating for them, but this is a toy which is more appropriate for babies of 2-3 months of age. Younger babies won’t be able to get a grip on the rattle, but you can always play with them using a rattle.