If you have never had wrinkles then don’t bad mouth botox because it usually helps people with wrinkles that may sometime have low self-esteem from their wrinkle appearance. It is said that botox doesn’t always turn out for the better neither does painful childbirth sometimes, but we always seem to end up loving the finishing results. Where most people tend to make the mistake at is when that overdo botox. You should not overdose yourself with lots of botox so frequently and stick with allowing the professional to do it. People are aware that botox injections are everywhere the beauty salon, gyms, even in the privacy of homes, but the real question is are that all professionals that are performing this act the answer are sad no. This is by far a bad experience and should not be performed by nonprofessionals note that if you have plans of being injected do your homework know that the person that is performing your treatment is a medical professional.

Too many unqualified people have injected botox which most times their result don’t turn out as good as the professionals or they have injected too much into the face and this will lead to extremely poor results. If you have ever heard talk of a botox party that is usually done by professionals but still check into it just in case of fraud, being scammed out of money, and phonies so still do your homework. if you want to be sure of your decision going directly to a botox professional office it will be best for your first go-round and then maybe a party for the rest of the time. You can also watch botox videos procedure and understand how it is performed, right at home.

Despite the fact that Botox treatments only last only 4 to 6 months people insist on returning to get injected because of the appearance that botox brings. There are side effects and not all are comfortable, but they are very well worth it and the side efforts subside in days so tough it out. Muscle weakness, headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms which is very rare. They are all side effects from botox injections that you may or may not get at any point during and after your procedure.

Botox is a prescription drug and like all prescription drugs should be prescribed to you by a medical professional. Should you have an experience that you are unhappy with your medical team can handle that, but if you allow an unprofessional person to experiment on your face there is nothing to be done if your experience ends up in a disaster. A pinch of the skin in the recommended area and the results being wrinkle-free you can feel like you just hit the jackpot. The fact that you can go in looking one way and come out looking another way with really no pain and in most cases no healing process, and no type scars or marks at all. Botox can be something that you can try at least once if you like it continue on if not a least it was worth the try.