There are lots of things to be loved about the winter season except cold. The outside temperature is like a season staple. It does not mean that we should listen to the chattering sound of our teeth in the season. That’s why a space heater is recommended to beat the cold weather. Winter is near, and if you think that staying inside in this season, help you to give a cozy retreat, then you must be dreaming of something that is not possible.

Even with the help of the central heating system, you will not be able to keep yourself warm. A space heater is all you need to stay warm this winter. We are not saying that this is a complete replacement of the traditional system but considered as a quick fix for changing the room temperature. Whether you are in home or office, or somewhere else, a space heater boosts the temperature to keep things toasty and warm. It only depends on your needs to choose the right one. That means to look at the size and strength of the unit. In the guide, you will come to know about the top machines that are powerful but works quietly. Each one of the best space heater 2019 is worth trying. Let us discuss them below.

  1. Lifesmart 1500W infrared heater

If you are the one who is looking to get a space heater for more substantial space, then choosing the lifesmart infrared unit is best. The machine can cover the area up to 1000 square feet. It features an infrared heating element for quick heating to warm the room in less time. There are three modes, which also includes the eco mode. That makes the appliance to reach a temperature of 68 degrees. You can easily change the settings with the help of the remote or on the LCD screen. If you want to buy the best space heater 2019, then Lifesmart is there to serve your needs.

  1. Air choice electric shape heater

For changing the room temperature in no time, air choice electric heater is there to perform this action. The company claims to heat the room only in 3 seconds. With the help of the oscillating function, the heat will surround the area. It comes with a fan, high and low heat mode to change the temperature according to your needs. There are also some safety features like tipping and overheat protection. These features make the unit perfect for those places with pets or children.

  1. Bionaire console heater

The machine is best suited for large areas and come with micathermic panels that are made from the mica. It means that space will be heated quickly, and you will find two heat settings in the unit. That allows changing the temperature according to the need. Moreover, a tipping and overheating protection system are installed in the device for safety purposes. All these features make the machine the best space heater 2019.

  1. Lasko ceramic heater

Lasko 754200 model comes at a great price. Fan, low, and high heat are the three modes to change the temperature of the room. Those looking for a compact space heater can consider choosing this one to stay warm in the winter. There is a self-insulating system that ensures to increase the safety of the device. While the unit is perfect for the majority of places, but the company warns not to use the appliance in high humidity space.

  1. Vornado whole room space heater

A personal space heater is considered as the best way to stay warm. But, if you are looking to get the device for the larger space, then you need a bigger model. Don’t worry as the Vornado VHM300 model is all you need to serve your purpose. The machine works great in areas between 100 to 300 sq feet. There is an option to turn the device automatically off when the appliance is warm.

To sum up, these are the top space heaters to buy in this winter season to keep your body warm. Every product is exceptional, and it is your choice to decide which one will meet your expectations.