It is a well known fact that insurances are made just to provide financial security in the future without the fear of loss and damage to property or life. Any insurance company or agency when it starts out completely new in the field has to go through scrutiny from the authorities and can only be allowed to function when proven authentic and genuine.

It is subject to matter of solicitation as it pertains to issues regarding money so it has to provide a certain assurance to them and the general public at large who are wanting to get insurance policies done for future benefits.

When it comes to choosing one, it becomes all the more difficult as you have many things that you would want to get insured, right from the TV in your drawing room to the tip of your nose.

But what about your vehicles? Like cars and motorcycles? Are they not worthy enough to have an insurance to their name?

You can see that people love and care for their precious vehicle just as much as they do for their own children. Indeed, there are individuals who have gone as far as to claim their car(s) as their second or third child (depending on the number of offspring they sired).

So, you will find people done car insurance in large numbers just so that they can get their precious model, good as new but in a different form.

We also a specialty insurance agency where you get to know about some new and different types of insurances that you don’t get to normally see or hear about as the prospects have indeed opened up when it comes to insurance.

To transfer car insurances from one to another is something that is neither easy nor difficult in the present climate of economy as the process of recycling has ensured that you would find someone or the other on the lookout for competent second hand vehicles and the car tops the list.

When you buy a new model, you first complete the process of obtaining the registration certificate which you have to transfer in the name of the new owner but, unfortunately, not many people have the knowledge to understand this step on how to go ahead with the transfer.

Before we come to the step by step process on how to transfer car insurance, you must get to know about the prospective buyer and enquire more details about him in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

It means that you, as the agent, must make sure the buyer is genuine and is providing the authentic legal documents that are required for the procedure and he/she is no fraud. Likewise, the buyer to has to ascertain the same about the seller and that the model he is being sold is indeed as good as claimed by the owner.

So, here we have the process of transferring the car insurance as follows:

  1. The very first step is, after obtaining and verifying the documents, you must transfer the ownership to the buyer.
  2. The vital documents required are:
  1. Copy of registration certificate
  2. Policy document
  3. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from previous owner
  4. New form
  5. Report of Inspection

Once the above steps are complete, the ownership will now be transferred from the owner to the potential buyer, who is now the new owner.