Ah, to be an artist of fashion – a true fashionista, able to do everything from imagine a one-of-a-kind design to whipping it up in no time at all. Who wouldn’t like to be able to design their own handbags or lingerie? To show off their unique style – and to be able to do it without any of the labor involved. 

Three companies are aiming to allow customers to do just that: You design your own handbags, dresses, or lingerie and all the hard work is done for you. Sound cool? Then in order to try this, all you need is to follow luxurytastic and read luxurytastic replicas reviews that will guide you with the whole process of creating your unique designs. 

Elemental Threads: Handbags Made to Order

Elemental Threads (or eThreads) launched in Connecticut earlier this year and boasts of more than 60,000 ways to design your own custom-made handbag. Every fabric offered is limited in quantity, so you get not just the style that’s all your own but in a material that very few people will ever have seen. Talk about unique.

Creating your own handbag is a matter of ease that a child could do. You begin by visiting the website – www.elementalthreads.com – and click the Start Designing button. What you’re presented with are a series of bag styles all in tempting blank white canvases, ready for your imagination to run wild with. There are totes, pouches, ring bags, and clutches to choose from ranging from $16 – $75.

After choosing the style of bag you like, you get to pick the fabric and hardware. Everything is done with point-and-click ease; just hovering over a fabric swatch shows you how the bag will look in that material. The fabrics themselves are full of options – choose from canvas, cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, or a specialty palette and you have even more delicious choices. Everything from what snaps, zippers, and lining can be customized – and you can choose different fabrics for the upper and lower portions of clutches or the body and handles of totes.

Coming soon to eThreads are wristlets, necklaces, belts, and notebooks. Be uniquely styled in a full array and you can say … “I designed this!”

StyleShake: Dresses, Tops, and Skirts Made Your Way

Talk about a way to create a wardrobe that will never – ever – be duplicated. StyleShake lets customers get creative by designing their own clothes. Starting with a selection of quality fabrics and working with pattern pieces that fall together like puzzle work, you can have new duds delivered to your door from London in as little as 10 days.

Starting the design at StyleShake (www.styleshake.com) requires a few minutes of (optionally) inputting your measurements so you’re guaranteed a perfect, tailor fit. Then, you can proceed to choose between designing a dress, a top, or a skirt. Next, you can choose between cotton, linen, silk, or silk metallic fabrics in a range of colors.

From here, the design gets real fun. You’re presented with a virtual mannequin on which your style comes together. When designing a dress, you choose every section in a natural progression from the top to the neckline, the waist, and the bottom. Then you can choose trimmings from belts to bows to stones. Shirts begin with the basic style of shirt, continue to neckline and sleeves, and end with trimmings ranging from belts to collars and frills. Skirts begin with the waist, continue to the bottom, and end with trimmings like belts and pleats.

Add to the designing fun a community atmosphere and you have a winning site. By registering with StyleShake, you can store the designs you create as part of your profile. Members can then rate and comment on your designs, or you can browse other members’ creations to serve as inspiration for your own.

Evlove: Intimate Apparel Designed By You

Evlove Intimates (Evlove is “evolve” spelled backward) was born out of Jenny Dombroski’s desire to allow you to create intimate pieces that are unique to your own style. Based on the idea that the lingerie you wear is an expression of you – or how you want to feel on any given day – Evlove lets you have fun creating your own look with custom-crafted lingerie made just for you.

By visiting Evlove Intimates (www.evloveintimates.com) and choosing the Design Studio link, you’re presented with an array of lingerie to begin designing. This is an easy – and fun – 3 step process that begins by choosing between a cross bralet, g-string, thong, panty, triangle cami, boyshorts, wrap bralet, scoop cami, or chemise.

From here, it’s like playing with digital paper dolls. You begin with fabric choices in a variety of tempting (and flesh-loving) styles before moving on to trims that include bodice accents and strap ribbons. Top it off with appliqué accents – satin or organza bows, flowers, and sequined flowers – and you’re ready to preview or modify your finished piece.

Evlove even has a home party service, at no cost, that is promoted as being a unique bachelorette party idea, or a completely different girls’ night out. The parties last 2-3 hours, accommodate up to 20 people and brings with it the full selection of almost-do-it-yourself possibilities offered on the website. Plus, the host of the party gets a special gift and a discount on any order they make.