When you talk about animals, there are way too many around the world and they all have their own uses and benefits. The average tendency of a human being is to look for his/her own best interests first and then that of others.

It is not entirely wrong as long as your decisions do not have any adverse impact in the lives of your near and dear ones and people more often than not make the mistake (read blunder) of taking hasty decisions without analyzing the problem in its entirety.

Even humans are considered as animals because the Darwin theory of evolution (read Darwinism) suggests that human beings are considered as the descendants of apes as it is them who were in existence long before humans, as we know today, were even thought of.


Is it possible to count all the animals in existence?  No, because they are in so many hues and varieties, various sets and subsets, that one article or lifetime is not enough to understand this vast group.

Suffice it to say that animals are also living beings like humans with their own thought process and mindset and are no longer as dependent on human beings for survival as they once were.

The popular theory that has been doing the circles for a long time, beginning with the advent of the 20th century, is that human beings are the most dangerous animals in the world.

Why so? It is not because they are cleverer and more intelligent than animals but because they have the power of speech and they are the ones who call the shots in the society.

Animals are no more than slaves or subordinates for humans whenever they become a part of their lives. However, this was in the olden times and the scenario is completely different today.

In current times, both humans and animals exist in harmony and coordination and both require each other in their lives to make it better. This is indeed a welcome change as the world has become a much better place to live in with such awesome tidings.

Best of the Lot

The question that pops up is that are all animals reliable and trustworthy? Are all of them able to mingle with humans? They can’t all be completely harmless, can they?

Yes, it is true that most, if not all, animals cannot live in close proximity of humans as they are used to the lifestyle of the jungles and are called wild animals like lion, tiger, bear, leopard, who are all carnivorous and survive on meat and flesh.

The domestic animals like cats, dogs, donkeys, all have their own uses and benefits for humans. But who is the best of the lot? Who is the one that is the ultimate when it comes to loyalty to its masters?

It goes without saying and there are no prizes for guessing that dogs are the undisputed winners. You can find many households in the world or even your own vicinity that have dogs as pets.

They are called the man’s best friend and for good reason as they are prepared to even lay down their lives for their masters’ safety and well being. This love is also reciprocated as humans take in dogs and treat them like a welcome addition to the family.

Breed Issues

It is no secret that animals are of varied hues and breeds with dogs being no exception to this rule. In fact, they are far more in quality of breed than any other animal in existence.

All human beings are not the same, despite having the same body parts like eyes, ears, mouth, nose and internal parts like heart, liver, brain, kidneys, etc. But all of them are different from each other in qualities, temperament, nature, way of work and others.

Similarly, dog breeds also vary from each other as some are soft and docile in nature while others are ferocious and menacing. Size is no guarantee of power so even if the dog is of enormous size, he may have a contrasting nature.

 Therefore, now we are going to talk about various breeds that are loyal, dangerous and expensive, which are as follows:

  • Pomeranian- They are small in size and white in color and make for good pets and range from 1000 to $10000
  • German Shepherd- They are one of the most dangerous breed in the world not only for their huge size but also for their ferocious temper and extreme intelligence, which is why they are employed by military professionals to aid them in sniffing out clues and capturing criminals
  • Doberman Pinscher- Like the shepherds, they are also quite dangerous and tall in size, alongwith possessing significant intelligence and alertness and quite different from Great Danes
  • Labrador- They are arguably the most popular breed in the world and the first choice as pets for almost all families and are extremely loyal and playful in nature
  • Dachshunds- They are medium sized and are playful and ferocious in nature with mood swings, which makes them quite unique