If your a dog lover, you’ll want to marry a dog lover, or at the very least date a dog lover. Avoid a bad impression when using your dog as date bait.

1) Poop Scoop Etiquette – Who would want to date someone that has an obvious lack of disrespect for others and the environment. A dog owner should never be without doggie bags to clean up after their puppies.

2) Abuse – No one wants to date someone who is violent towards a defenseless dog. Hitting, kicking, dragging, choking, these are all unacceptable behaviors in a dating companion. Abuse is not just physical though, name calling and intimidation are also unacceptable. If the person can’t be kind to a dog, they most likely will not be kind to you. Avoid these types at all costs!

3) Lack of Grooming – Would you go on a date with dirty or un-cut hair? Nope, you take extra time choosing the right outfit and making sure every hair is in place. Well your dog deserves equal attention and its not nearly as time consuming, a quick bath and a stop at the groomers for nail trim and haircut when necessary. Who wants to pet a grimy dog and then try to figure out how to tactfully wipe your hand off? Some pure nails pro might be needed in case you are not quite regular at grooming your dog.

4) Traveling Unsecured – Just like children traveling dogs require a car seat or seatbelt to keep them safe. You wouldn’t just stick your human baby in the backseat and drive away; Would you? Using a seatbelt or car seat shows respect for the life of your dog and that you truly value your dogs companionship.

5) Overweight Dogs – You love to spoil your dog, I get that, but being overweight reduces your dogs life span by years. Your dog’s weight is a reflection of how you take care of them, not how much you love them. Your love should be shown by restraint with treats and high quality food that will keep them healthy and help increase their longevity.

6) Aggresive Dogs – If I can’t even meet you because your dog is being agressive to me or my dog; then how are we going to date? If your dog is aggressive in certain situations, don’t put the dog in that situation. If your dog is unpredictably aggressive get the dog some training or at the very least a muzzle to keep other people and dogs safe.

7) Dogs Without Manners – Few things are more annoying then a dog without training. Your dog should never jump on potential dates, it’s not cute and it won’t get his or her attention. Your dog should know how to act around people and new dogs. If your constantly saying down or no when out in public your dog needs professional training. A well trained dog is a happy dog, happy dogs attract people and attention.

8) Inappropriate Names – It is not funny, cute, or appropriate to name your dog after a weapon, curse word, ex-spouse, or beer. Keep in mind that at the dog park you will be known by your dog’s name. Do you really want to be called “insert bad name choice here”? Your choice of dog names reflects directly on your character, chose wisely.


9) Inattentive Humans – We’ve all seen the dog owners who enter the dog park and without a glance at their dog start chatting on their cell phones or sit down to read a book. If their dog does approach them they are usually ignored and pushed away as a nuisance. Just like you the dog is just looking for love, no matter how physically attractive this person may be they will not make a good dating partner. They are emotionally unavailable, if they don’t have a place in their heart for a dog, there is no room for you!

10) Rhinestones and Pleather – If his dog is decked out in rhinestones and pleather he is either gay or married. Don’t waste your time, unless your wondering where he got the bling.