As the weather starts to cool off in the early fall months, your skin and hair will need some extra attention for the wedding and other special occasions. Early fall weddings that take place outdoors mean your skin may need a boost of moisture and mattifying makeup that will give you a picture-perfect look. Hire the trusted boudoir photography FL and you’ll surely have the best memorabilia from your big day. If the wedding is taking place indoors, you will need to accommodate for heated rooms and spending time under bright lights. Here are some essential beauty tips for creating the perfect look for an early-Fall wedding:

  1. Use an emollient-rich moisturizer. A thick layer of moisturizer is important for keeping the makeup application as smooth as possible. When temperatures drop during the day, your skin may react by drying out. Avoid flaking skin and that ‘cakey’ look when applying your foundation by using an emollient-rich moisturizer underneath.
  2. Stick with deeper red and pink lip colors. Whether you’re going to be photographed indoors or out during the early Fall months, you will need to steer clear of nude and shimmery lip colors or your skin will appear washed out. Deep red and dark pink colors are appropriate for the formal event and will complement the season.

  3. Wear shimmering eyeshadow. Make your eyeshadow colors really stand out by mixing the powder with water or Vaseline before applying to the lids. Shimmering colors are a great match for the Fall season, and you can layer different colors to create a show-stopping effect for the formal event. Early Fall color palettes include deep purple, bronze, burnt gold, and silver.
  4. Avoid excessive bronzer. Many brides and wedding guests undertake an intensive tanning routine to prepare for the wedding, but the early Fall months call for something a little more subtle. Hitting the tanning booths or airbrush tanning can look too artificial under the natural light, so try and keep your tanning regimen as natural-looking as possible. You will also want to avoid applying too much bronzer, because when the sun disappears, your skin won’t give off that natural glow.
  5. Get a moisture-infusing body treatment. A total body exfoliation combined with an application of shea butter or other rich moisturizer is a great way to prep the skin for an early Fall wedding. Your skin will need the boost from the cooler air, and will look smooth and silky all day and night.
  6. Tame flyaways with a heat-protecting spray. When the heat gets turned up in the wedding chapel or reception room, your hair will start to dry out. Protect those strands by applying a heat-protecting spray before heading out for the night. These will lock in moisture and keep your hair looking silky – not fried – throughout the day.

Whether you’re the bride or a wedding guest at a wedding during the early Fall months, you’ll need to modify your beauty regimen to accommodate for the change of the season. Use these beauty tips and strategies to make sure you’re ready for the party and the photographers.