lipsense is one of the most prominent and premium lip care product. This product is known for its great effects and care that it is able to offer its users. This product was introduced by the SeneGence. It is known that these lipsense colors are extremely different from all the lipsticks, colors or the stains that you know of or use on a regular basis. These products are known to have a long-lasting effect and are also waterproof. Some of the other features that it is able to offer to the users are that it does not budge off, rub off, smear off or kiss off. The company allows you to customize your own color palette by creating a combination of colors from fifty different shades that are present.

How to use the lipsense colors?

If you are a beginner at the use of lipsense colors, we are here to help you out. In this part of the article, we are sharing the tips about you can easily apply and use these colors. It is recommended that you buy at least three products in your first purchase. The basic lip kits that are available includes of a lip gloss, remover and lip color. In order to get the best out of the product, you are advised to buy these three together. Whenever you are applying the lipstick, it is a must that you use all three of them in order to get the best effect of the lipsense products.

You must begin by applying three layers of the color that you have chosen to apply. After you are done with color layers, it is a must that you apply a layer of lip gloss too. Also, you must only use the remover that comes along in order to get rid of the lip color after you are done.

Recommended colors to use

Since the lipsense colors are somewhat pricey and expensive, it is just that you should pay attention when buying the right color for yourself. The uniqueness of the lipsense is that when you apply different layers of the colors that you own, it can easily provide you anew color to go with. Even if you begin with the three basic colors, there is no need to buy any more colors. As these colors are enough to produce a huge number of combinations. These three basic colors are summer sunset, pink champagne and apple cider.


It is important for you to keep in mind that the lipsense colors comes along with a guarantee and are meant to offer you the best services as it can. In case you are not at all satisfied with the product that you have bought you can always look forward to returning it and collecting the refund when possible. This makes sure that you are not stuck with some product that you hate and which does not at all look good on you. You can buy these products without any hesitation as it is known to offer high-quality services.