Meeting fundraising goals is the most important aspect for non-profit organizations, this help them in achieving their mission and goals. Whether the organization is going for long term or short terms goals, setting and meeting fundraising goals is quite complex.

There are few important things to remember while setting up your fundraising goals:

  • The goal should deal with a specific area of performance.
  • It has to be really measurable, not at all subjective.
  • The goal can be ambitious but has to be attainable.
  • The goal should be relevant to the organization’s vision
  • There should be deadline for the goal.

As for the second part where you try to meet your goals it is really important that you don’t lose the sight of the bigger picture. It is really important that you always stay motivated and stick to your goal.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you need to focus on smaller activities as well not just the bigger picture. Taking small steps to achieve the bigger dream is also important.

Collecting relevant data would really help you meet your goals. You can collect all the necessary information through the campaign like:

  • What channel attracts most donors?
  • Which channel has the highest rate of interest?
  • How can you maximize your reach?
  • The rate at which the donors return?

It’s really important that you take time and reflect upon all this data.

Staying accountable is another factor that is going to help you in this process. Creating points where you discuss all the progress with your team will be invaluable in terms of accountability.

Making the donation process smooth and easy is a big task. As most of the donors expect online and easy process this is where you take help from which takes care of this entire process. helps you with managing you funds that you get.  They help you focusing on your goal while they handle the rest. They manage all the communications with the donors be it automatic emails, text engagement and so much more.‘s easy to use app let you accept donations all the time. All the donation forms connecting your site are directly moved to your database as well. It also helps you in building your movement with peer-to-peer fundraising as well.

You can also visit their website for all other necessary information as well.

Being transparent is also vital as it help you in reaching your goals. Announcing them to everyone would create a culture of transparency in the organization and will motivate all the members as well.

Using social media to boost you image and support your fundraising goals. Social media platforms have been adopted on a large scale for a long a time now and it has become a necessity for non-profits to show their presence on different social media platforms.

You have to be careful about your resources as well. As they are vital for the smooth functioning of your plan. You must create a detailed outlook of all the costs that are associated with your campaign be it financial, advertisement, contracts, startup costs etc. Leaving room in your budget is can be helpful as well.

In conclusion, it is not an easy task to set up and meet your fundraising goals. You should take your time to define your goals clearly and communicate all your ideas with your team as well.