Rise of Kingdoms is certainly a terrific mobile game. But it comes with a lot of complexities which pros and newbies must be careful about. One wrong move or choice can spell massive defeat to any player. That is why you must check out this website for more details and guides for ROK gaming. 

One of the most important decision to make in playing ROK is choosing your civilization. No, it’s not merely about setting up a good backdrop for your soldiers and people. But this is a choice that would surely affect your entire gaming experience; second only to your choice of commanders. Know why, and learn some guide in choosing the best civilization for you. 

Here are Important Notes in Choosing a Civilization in ROK 

First off, you must understand the functions of a civilization or nation in Rise of Kingdoms. In the game, there are 11 civilizations each player must choose from. Yes, these are the nations which oppose each other in the battle field. Each civilization comes with a starter commander, a unique troop, as well as specified skill bonuses. 

Is Choosing a Civilization More Important than Selecting Commanders? 

Talking about commanders, each of them has specific set of four skills, and they can specialize up to three skills. Yes, they play decisive roles in your strategies, but you’re not required to choose a commander upon starting. It’s actually possible for any civilizations to unlock any specific commanders later in the game. In other words, you can still unlock any commander even if they don’t originally belong to your civilization. 

Now, you can’t begin with Rise of Kingdoms without choosing a civilization. That makes this choice more important than selecting a commander. 

What are Unique \Troops? 

Each civilization also comes with unique troops. For example, Rome has the Legion, Germany has the Teutonic Knight and Britain has Longbowman. Each unique troop also specialize on certain skills which reflect the skill bonus of a civilization. 

What are Bonuses each Civilizations has? 

Here’s the meatiest information about civilizations comes in. Bonuses are probably the most significant feature each civilization brings to your strategy. 

Note that in Rise of Kingdoms, there are certain skills your commanders and army can focus. Archer, defender, disabler and support are few of those skills. And each civilizations have specific amount of advantage over specific skills. 

Rome, for example, boasts the bonuses of infantry defense increases 5%, groups march speed increases 5%, as well as food gathering speed increases 10%. Focusing on the second bonus, it means Rome infantry units are 5% faster than regular speed in the game. In other words, choose Rome if you favor speed as a valuable factor of your army. 

Incorporating Strategy in making a Choice 

After learning the points above, you’re ready to incorporate strategizing in selecting a civilization. This is important to avoid the need of changing from one civilization to another. Yes, it’s possible, but you need 10,000 gems for it. And you don’t want to waste such hard-earned resource, do you? 

Begin by knowing the gaming strategy you want to follow. For example, think of ideal army skills you want, such as a defender or a gatherer. But on a contrary, experts suggests to focus your civilization bonuses on attacking skills, then leave the defense and gathering to commander skills. This is a good strategy suggestion from the pros. 

Next, see the list of civilizations and study their bonuses. That should lead you to the right civilization that fit your strategy. But before you select, be sure to check the list of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms as well. Yes, you must carefully weigh the skills of a civilization’s starter commander, but it’s wise to plan the commanders you want to unlock even before choosing a civilization too. 

This would keep you on the right track while gaming, since you already have some ideas about the development of your civilization. However, keep your strategies flexible for some changes later on. 

Choosing the right civilization would certainly affect your gaming in Rise of Kingdom. It’s best to carefully select for best results, and avoid starting with a civilization that leads to inevitable defeat. If you still have doubts, check out intensive ROK guides today.