Instagram the app once used to share photos and videos is now one of the biggest platforms to earn money and boost your career. It is an example of how people respond more to visual content. By a building following and selling your product or promoting some other product and getting paid for that is a great way of earning money online.

You can’t just start posting anything on Instagram with a sassy description and pictures from your life. That might impress your friend but is not enough to get you some money. Here are some prerequisites to earn money from your Instagram account.

  • Reach and Influence

You need to have at least several thousand followers in order to start getting some money form the platform. Instagram lets you use hashtags which makes it easier for you to get to more people. This makes your organic reach higher than any other platform.

  • Active followers

It is also important for you to get more active followers as costumer engagement is an important aspect in this process. More active followers leads to more likes, comments and sharing of your content. As your followers check out your page these comments and likes make it more credible.

There are mainly three ways with which you can make money of Instagram.

  • Working as an influencer

An Instagram influencer is someone who regularly post product reviews and try to persuade their followers to buy our use some product. With their huge followings they get paid by companies as they post something about their products. As an influencer you are required to establish certain amount of credibility among your followers.

This is one of the easiest ways of earning money of the Instagram as you don’t have to worry about the e-commerce and the resulting sale. All you need to do is to post the content with a catchy caption.

You can either get in contact with the marketers directly or you can sign up with influencer marketing platform in order to attract marketers to your account. You can check out or to establish your profile as an influencer.

  • Affiliate marketer

Unlike an influencer this field is more about sale and creating awareness about the product. You get money as people buy the product you endorsed through your link. Moreover, you do not concern yourself with the sales and the demand of the product.

You post a unique link or promo-code with the product so that the merchant get to know that the sale was through your channel and thus you get paid accordingly.

However this business model requires you to device a solid strategy and follow it without frustrating your followers. Meanwhile, Instagram has rolled out the checkout feature making it easier for the user to buy a product.

Amazon associate is a really good place to start this with. You get your product link and start your career as an affiliate marketer. You can check it out on .

  • Become an Entrepreneur

This part goes beyond marketing and e-commerce. Rather than recommending or selling someone else’s product you sell your own product. Starting your own business on Instagram is the next step towards upgrading your business.

You are required to make your account user-friendly with product links, tags and easy checkout options. It is important to build an infrastructure to deliver your product and meet the demand.

Several Ad campaigns will be really helpful in boosting the sales a well.

Posting regularly is another important step in building your own business as well. You can be creative with your post making it more attractive to your users.

All these strategies can help you with earning money from Instagram as an influencer, affiliated marketer or as an entrepreneur. Other than all this there are several other factors that you need to keep in mind in order to keep yourself at the top.

You should know your worth, as a marketer or influencer you must have the knowledge of what people charge for posting about a product. You should keep a tab of all your competitors as well so that you remain at the top of your game.

As an entrepreneur you have to respond to your costumers inquires quickly and professionally. Buying fake followers is not a good option as this makes your account seems fishy.