We are living in the 21st century, which can be considered the new modern age for fashion statement. Yes, today, fashion is at its peak and far more advanced to the ones that came out in the previous decades.

Fashion has evolved with the gradual passage of time and what was considered revolution at one point is now obsolete and old fashioned today. The same holds true for current fashion statements, they may work in this age but will be rendered old in the future.

No one should be surprised with this fact as it is a natural phenomenon as what is new today will become old tomorrow and this cycle has been going on since time immemorial.

However, we do have certain discoveries that never grow old with time and easily relate to each generation they come across. So, today we are going to talk about one such machine in existence that keeps on getting better and popular as time passes on.

What Is Heat Machine?


Today, the topic of discussion would be heat machine, which is defined as a machine that is engineered to print out a design on a substrate in graphic format. To put it simply, it is the graphical representation of logos and trademarks that are imprinted on things such as t-shirts, bottles and other everyday items.

It is done with the simultaneous application of pressure and heat for which the time is decided well in advance of following through with the technique. Heat press is a topic that is interesting and intriguing as people who are into the field of branding and advertising will be able to relate to it easily.

Normally, the heat that is pressed onto designs is only for fabric but presses are also designed in a specific format and are used for designing imprints on different objects that are used by one and all.

So, you can say that the format is similar to merchandising products but is quite different from it. It should be noted that Malaysia is a known supplier of machines that are for heat press purposes and they are one of the few countries in the world that have the privilege of having their own brand if heat machines in the printing industry.

Its Uses

First of all, heat press machines are of two types:

  1. Rotary Press: This itself has its own subset comprising of roll to roll format, multi functional and small ones that are named so due to their small size
  2. Flatbed Press: True to its name, they are flat in size and include draw, swing and clamp shell that combine into various formats made up of different permutations and combinations

The heat press is used for transferring heat on any surface and it is also permanent in nature. The heat can be controlled both manually and automatically with the help of advanced technology in the newer machines that are of a unique design that cannot be duplicated easily.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but heat press machines are used by the most reputed advertising houses around the world who are quite particular in their designing their products with the branding also playing an important part in this regard.


In conclusion, heat press machines is neither easy nor difficult to understand but it does have a certain style quotient that cannot be ignored even by the staunchest detractors.