If you think that funky electronic gadgets are only for men, think again. Today’s Woman is not only up on all the latest technology; She now demands nothing less than the best. As such, the world’s savviest inventors are keeping up with the increasing demand, marketing neat tools that make the modern woman’s life much easier. And you can find many of it on https://www.dfydaily.com/ with great price deals. If you happen to keep one of these modern women close to your heart, you’ll definitely want to make her happy this holiday season. Provided that your budget allows, take a gander at these nifty gifts…

NuMetrex Sports Bra ($100)

Now, more than ever, women are taking control over their health and fitness regimens. The NuMetrex Sports Bra is a comfy wearable device that monitors a lady’s heart rate while exercising. This “entry level system” bra comes with a watch that displays the time and date. It also functions as an alarm and stop watch-and can illustrate heart rate limits.

Mooncandles / Waxless, Remote Controlled Candles ($50)

Women love ambiance. So what’s better than providing a little ambiance without all the mess and fuss of a real candle? Enter the stage: Mooncandles. These wonderful (yet obscure) little gadgets operate with a remote control and require three AAA batteries. But if you’re having difficulty locating these, and would like a cheaper option, visit Amazon.com and check out their soothing ivory versions for about half the price with shipping and handling (Ivory Pillar Candles.)

Trip Glasses/ Sound  amp; Light Brain Machine ($40)

In this stressful world we live in, it can be difficult to find a corner of space and time for relaxation. The Trip Glasses are a clever invention that incorporates sound and light to create a mini-LED show for your brain. The glasses are connected to a pair of headphones that help guide the wearer into soothing meditation. Batteries are already included.

Scrolling LED Message Sign with Remote ($40)

Your tech savvy entrepreneur will love being able to advertise her home-based business (or anything, really) with the programmable scrolling LED message sign. This sign fits snugly in the rear windshield of most vehicles, and already includes nearly 100 pre-programmed messages. But before shelling out cash for this gift, you’ll need to check the state laws of the recipient regarding its legality.

H2Glow Temperature Sensitive Faucet Light ($20)

Sure, your gift recipient could wait until she sees the steam rising from the faucet to begin her hand-washing ritual. But it’s much cooler to actually watch the water switch from blue to red with the H2Glow Temperature Sensitive Faucet Light. The LED adapter fits most standard faucets, and glows red when the water gets hot.

Thanko USB-powered lunchbox ($20)

If your female “giftee” is fortunate enough to have retained her corporate job during the recession, she’s probably fighting her coworkers for a place at the microwave for lunch. (Everyone is probably brown bagging it these days.) Enter the stage, the Thanko USB-powered lunchbox, a handy invention that will reheat leftovers merely by plugging the container into a USB port. If you can speak or read Japanese, you’re in luck, as the official site is not in English.

But if you’re looking for an American “equivalent” try out the Max Burton Stove To Go, a more cumbersome looking lunchbox that can cook or reheat with its built-in heating element. Merely plug the lunch box into a cigarette lighter (or other 12-volt power source) and you can cook on the go!