I remember when I was younger I would listen to anything that my parents were listening to, because they were my role models and I wanted to do exactly what they were doing. My only question looking back is what affect did that music have on me if any? What affects does music tend to have on children, or does it even affect them? Does music help determine the person? How can we as parents create a constructive atmosphere to our children, and point them in the right way all at the same time? Take for example some shootings that have occurred around the schools and campuses in America. In 2 of them I know for sure, the teens/children were listening to very rough music. There were some artists as Marilyn Manson found in their CD cases. This is no particular occurrence, however, in two of the incidents at least. This will help you see the notes at the end of the tunnel.

Whenever looking for proper content in music, make sure to read the CD case. If the label on it says “explicit” do not buy it. However, if it says on the label “edited version” then it is OK to purchase the album. Explicit means explicit lyrics, or derogatory statements. When an album has been edited most of the derogatory statements have been excluded or in some cases replaced with suitable words. When looking for an album be sure to check which version it is, that is a major factor is choosing positive music for your children/teens. Most of the time if a child/teenager hears explicit lyrics they will imitate what they hear. Do not purchase any music that is very negative and speaks of illegal acts. No parents wants their child to grow up to be a criminal, keep that in mind when selecting music. One of the best ways to incorporate music to your child is through sensory gyms. Some sensory gyms offer specialized play and you can custom the right music on it for your child.

The second step is to ask someone around you (a store clerk, a friend, another parent) what their views are on the album. Take into consideration that if they would not buy it for their child/teen then it most likely is not a very good thing for you to purchase. Other peoples opinion counts, sometimes it is good to take heed to what they say. Sometimes you will get mixed opinions in that case take the choice with the most opinions. If that does not feel comfortable to you then just do what your instincts tell you to do. Never purchase anything that you do not feel comfortable purchasing. A lot of times the one who does not listen to others regrets it a lot in the future. Everyone wants their children to grow up and lead successful lives, pay attention to what they want you to purchase and seek advice whenever possible.

The last but not least factor to look for is the images on the album. If an album has lots of women barely clothed on them and hanging all over men, that should give you a clue that this is not what your child should be listening to. Most likely with albums like that the artist may speak of such things as; sexism, racism, swearing/cursing, negative feelings, crime, and many more negative behaviors. No one wants their child to think like that so do not take the chance of the imposing those lyrics on the child. Remember if you don’t allow the purchase they will not be subjected to it most of the time. Children, however, will go out with friends and listen to music, but they will not be around it as much if you do not allow it. A little bit of exposure is better than a lot in this subject.

If a parent does not want their child growing up in a negative atmosphere, keep the negativity away from them. Everyone wants their child to be successful, take extra care of your children. Remember what they hear they will repeat. What they hear in music unconsciously sticks in their mind, and it will always be there. Do not have them around it all the time or they will grow so used to it that they will start living it. Pay close attention. Children are precious; let us try our best to nurture them positively.