Going to a new hair salon, or even trying out a new stylist can be pretty scary. You might be surprised to learn that your new hair care professional is just as nervous to work on your hair. The key to achieving the condition of hair that you want is in communication. But you must first be cognizant of your own wants and needs, in order to communicate them effectively. Here are some tips to help bring your new hair care professional up to speed with what works for you.

Bring in photographs of you wearing alternate styles.

Even if you’re opting for a really short look, showing your new hair care professional examples of styles you’ve worn previously will give him or her, a better idea of your typical range. The kind of wardrobe items you’re seen in can also give a stylist some ideas about future new looks. In general, the photos should give salon staff some idea of who you are.


Bring in photographs of hairstyles you like.

If you are breaking in a new stylist-but also a new hairstyle-you’ll want to make sure that you’re completely clear on your intended look. Bring a few pictures of the haircut or style that you’re going for. Don’t worry about bombarding your new hair care professional with too much information. The more he/she knows about your preferences, the smoother your appointments will be in the future.

Brush up on your hair care terminology.

It certainly won’t hurt for you to update yourself on some common terminology used in salons. Surely, your stylist should be able to communicate with you in “layman’s terms.” But understanding the difference between a cut and a “pre-cut” could prevent Haircut Heartache down the line. In general, doing your homework before heading to the salon can only benefit you. Don’t feel the need to take a full cosmetology course. Merely reading the hair sections of several fashion magazines will help you to keep current on fashionable styling trends.


Be prepared for honest criticism.

You could bring in a hundred photographs of Taraji Henson’s Oscar-Award worthy haircut. But be prepared to hear your new stylist’s honest opinion regarding your ability to carry off the hairdo. Breaking in new hair care personnel also means getting accustomed to the new stylist’s expertise. Listen carefully to what he/she has to share. Achieving a good balance between customer and stylist is very often a learning process.

Provide your hair stylist with honest feedback following your appointment.

If you happen to be a new customer at a salon, the staff should communicate with you often during your procedures and tell you about Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to unwanted hair that is little bit high in charge but the result is satisfactory of it. But somehow, if you’re not happy with the results of your appointment, do not hesitate to share your feelings. It is necessary for you to gently point out things you do not like about your new style. If you keep quiet, the stylist will assume that all was well. And if he/she has made notes about this [bad] style (in an effort to retain customers), then you can count on receiving the same results the next time.