If you are going to invest in new DJ turntables, then you might have to think again. It is because they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them. If you still want to purchase a DJ turntable, then choosing a used one will be a suitable option for you. Many used devices are available, and you can get the perfect one with ease.

For choosing the best used DJ turntable, there are several aspects that one needs to consider. Here, we will let you know about the key points to remember at the time of buying the unit. The first one is to look for the build quality of the device as it will make all the difference at the time of selecting a used DJ turntable. Let us discuss the steps below.

  1. Checking the condition of the unit

You have to access all the parts to ensure whether the shape of the turntable looks fine or not. Always ensure to look for these key parts – lid, feet, cartridge, tonearm, pulley and motor, spindle, bearing, platter, and plinth. If they are placed in the right position and works fine, then you are good to move to the next step. You can also ask Crosley to develop a machine that you need. Crosley is a turntable company that can help you in making customized DJ turntable.

  1. Weight

The general rule of buying a better turntable is to feel the weight. If the machine is heavy, then it will be much better than the others. The base of the unit helps to reduce or dampen vibrations to improve the quality of sound. There is no need to be shy at the time of picking the turntable. Check the weight and see whether the machine is worthy or not.

  1. Don’t forget to check the hardware

Always ensure to scan the unit to check the condition of the hardware, and also look for the dials and knobs. If tonearm and counterweight are there, then the machine might be in good condition. Cartridge fitted to the turntable can be valuable as many used devices do not have it. You also have an option to choose a new cartridge or ask Crosley to develop a machine similar to your needs.

  1. Is it working or not?

You might not want to forget to see whether the device is working or not. There are several aspects to look for while checking the turntable. Does the strobe light work? Is there any turn in a platter? Drop in tonearm? All these factors you must consider while making sure that the unit works properly. If there is an automatic function in the turntable, then ensure that it works.

  1. The price

Finally, you must have to compare the price of the devices that you have reviewed. You can also use your Smartphone to search the model number and check at what cost it is available. The used turntables are also available on different online stores, and you can also buy from there if they provide a money-back guarantee in case of a defected product.

To summarize, you have to follow these steps to buy the best used DJ turntable. Hopefully, these aspects will help you to find the right one that you will love.