If you are looking for a unique and soothing Christmas present this year for someone special on your gift-giving list, this could be the perfect present. It is easy to make and provides months of wonderful bath time for your loved one. If you are making a version of the basket that will be for children (perhaps a Mommy and Me gift) you can put items such as washable bath crayons, a bathrobe with the child’s name embroidered on it, character slippers, and even a rubber duck inside of the basket. Well, if you are not that creative then you also have the option of gifting coupons of Medical Spa in Turnersville, NJ which is a really great gift for people that are into medicinal spas.

First of all, gather together all of the supplies you want to put into it. You can choose items such as luxurious bath bubbles, indulgent shampoos, a pedicure kit, pretty pumice stones, back scrubbers, fancy (the thicker the better) bath sponges, slippers, a bathrobe made of the finest material, candles, etc. If purchasing candles, and what spa is not complete without one, you can choose from many different types, or you can mix and match them. You can get large scented candles for the countertops, small candles for the sides of the bathtub, etc. Just make sure if purchasing multiple candles that you get similar scents, unscented, or scents that go well together. You can get soothing scents to calm the nerves, invigorating scents to energize, etc.

If you want to put a little extra in the basket, consider purchasing a compact disc player made to operate in places that get a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom and putting that in the gift basket as well. Of course, you will want to put in a thoughtfully chosen music CD as well if you go this route. Perhaps a meditation CD, a classical music CD, or a new CD by the person you are buying for’s favorite artist (make sure they do not own it yet).

Then you want to purchase a basket the appropriate size to put your gifts in. I chose this step here because so many times you will find purchases you had not intended but must get, and they will take up more room than you anticipated for creating the spa basket. You can, however, do the opposite as well, and purchase the basket first, and then buy to fit the basket. This is a great way to keep the cost down if you are pinching pennies or have a lot of people to buy for.

Purchase a clear wrap meant for gift-giving that goes around the basket, to keep items from falling out.

Place the largest of items in the center of the basket and carefully place all other items around it, in the most appealing fashion you can project. It may take several attempts to get the arrangement just right, but the end result will be worth the time spent.

Wrap the clear wrap around the basket, starting from the bottom up, and tie at the top with a fancy ribbon. Place a huge gorgeous ribbon and bow around the closure you have created at the top of the wrap. Add a name tag that you fill out appropriately, and you have just created a fantastic Spa-in-the-Basket gift for that special someone on your gift-giving list.