Did you ever buy a pair of drapes or curtains that when you put them up, they were crazy with wrinkles? If you have, read on and find out some interesting ways of solving this very problem.

Yes, this is a problem many people have to deal with. Because the creators of such great items as the easy to put up drapes and curtains they need to package their items in very tight spaces. This creates quite a problem when you, the purchaser go to put them up. You may have found the perfect ones to put up on your window and when you do so, they are just filled with wrinkles. Well, have no fear. You can get them out in several ways. Read on and find out how easy it is to get the wrinkles out without having to do a lot of work. And if you are someone who is not motivated enough to care about all this, all such people can get free interior design advice, so that they can choose such products more effectively.

First, you can wet the drapes down and hang them from the rod. Be sure to put a towel underneath to catch any of the excess liquid. This can really help to ease the lines of the wrinkles. When you do this solution, it will save you a lot of time, because the wrinkles will fall out overnight and you won’t have to do a lot of work.

Another great way to get out the wrinkles in your drapes is to use your steam iron. Fill it with water and heat it up and then begin the chore of steaming them out. There are other such items that make this easier and you can find them at your nearest department store. Make sure that you keep the iron or another utensil far enough away from the fabric so that you don’t scourge it.

You can also try this fantastic and probably the best technique. Simply wet down the drapes and put them in the dryer on a low heat setting. By giving them the liquid and then tossing them about the wrinkles will fall out pretty much of the way.

There may be times when you simply have to take out the ironing board and begin the long process of steaming them, but if you try the other ways listed above it will save you a lot of time. Another tip is to pull the drapes back and put tassels on them. This will hide a lot of the wrinkles and also give you a great new look, too.

Drapes and curtains, though so much simpler now than before still need care. But when you can put them up so quickly and not worry about them, the cleaning of them can wait until the springtime instead of lots of work when you first purchase them. So, remember to try these tips when you buy your next pair of ready-made drapes or curtains. It just might save you a lot of time and that can mean a lot to many people.