If you have lived with your partner for a long time or you are married, cheating can be a difficult situation to handle. If there are children involved, the situation can become very hard to deal with.

In this article we’ll go over a few things you should consider before confronting a cheating partner.

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First of all; take it easy. You need to get control over the situation, your feelings and your thoughts.

I’ll advise you to think the situation trough to get an idea of the outcome you want.

Think about if cheating is something you could forgive over time or if you want to end this as soon as possible. If you are married and you feel cheating is a one way ticket to the street, go talk to a lawyer first. You don’t want to end up doing stuff that would give your partner an edge over you. If you are married then there are several things you should consider. But that’s a whole other story. For now we’ll focus on how to confront a cheating partner.

If you decide to confront your partner with your suspicions you should read and consider the following first.

  1. Uncover the truth.

The most important thing when dealing with a potential cheating partner is to have some solid evidence. The last thing you want is to make false accusations and risk your relationship, if you are wrong. If you suspect your partner of cheating try to get some solid and psychical evidence that will back up your accusations. This can be photos, phone texts, love letters, etc.

  1. There is a right time for everything.

When you’ve got psychical evidence that your partner is doing something he or she shouldn’t be doing, it’s time to confront him or her with it.

But you can’t just go nuts right away. You must think the scenario over a couple of times and prepare yourself. If you have children choose a time when they are not around or send them away for the evening while you get things sorted out.

You don’t want to confront your partner 5 minutes before bedtime. These types of things take hours of talking before settled. So choose the right time.

  1. There is also a right place for everything.

If you have a violent spouse or if you fear that he (or she) will get violent, the best way to protect yourself is by going to a public location before confronting your partner with the evidence. A good location is a place where there are other people around. It could be a park, a restaurant, even the mall or a local esplanade. All that matters is that if your partner gets violent, you are not alone. Again, remember to think this trough. You should be well prepared.

Dealing with these kinds of situations never is easy. Often you will get the feeling that this is your fault and that you should just to ignore the facts.

If you find yourself thinking these thoughts I suggest you go talk to a good friend first. Getting your mind sorted out and listening to another person’s view of the situation often helps you make the right decisions.

One last I will remind you about is that you must think about what you want the outcome to be.

Do you want to save your marriage or partnership regardless of the outcome or are cheating unforgivable?

Taking these kinds of decisions beforehand will help you focus on facts and not feelings when settling things with your partner.