So perhaps you have been working on your products design for a while and you have not given much thought to actually launch and promote your product, well fear not….help is here.

There should be two main stages when it comes to launching your new product, these are the most important stages, they are PRE LAUNCH and POST LAUNCH.

The pre launch lets people know who you are, what you are doing, what you have to offer and why they should buy from you. The post launch is all of the previous plus you must work to keep your product in the spotlight.

To arrange, organise and draw up a plan for your products launch you need to cover Who what when where and why, If you can answer all these questions you know where the pre launch for the product will take place, when, how etc. Now you have decided when the pre launch will take place you need to let people know about it. You can do this through a number of ways, from sending out free or paid press release, through writing and submitting articles, through flyers, radio/tv adverts (if your budget accommodates it) and through word of mouth.

Make sure as many people know about your products launch as possible, as its no good telling people about your product when it has already been released, they wont know about it and frankly wont care.

Now you’ve got through the pre launch now comes the Post launch, which is basically keeping your products name/company brand in the news/media. To do this you can do everything you did and more while launching your product.

How to Advertise and Promote a New Product

There are many ways you can advertise a new product, including advertising through press release, at trade events, organising and holding local events within your local community, sponsoring a local sports team, distributing flyers door to door, or using direct mail if your product has a national appeal/market.

Be creative when it comes to advertising your product as creativity gets noticed, many thoughts comes in mind regarding an ideal platform from which we can get more information, well for this concern you may check regarding your concerns. Being bland doesn’t get you notice, recognized or remembered.

Create a brain storm/mind map to help you think about alternative and effective ways you could advertise your product. Think about who your target market is and keep them in mind for every piece of advertising you do.

TOP TIPS For Advertising a New Product

Be different – spread the word about your product anywhere and everywhere you go.

Use family and friends – Family and friends will share your passion and enthusiasm for your product, so get them to spread the word anywhere and everywhere they go. Perhaps you could give them some flyers or business cards to hand out to everyone they meet or come into contact with.

Remember to keep a budget – Don’t blow your budget all at once, keep a daily, weekly and monthly spend to ensure you are not spending too much.

Create a Marketing and Advertising plan – You don’t always have to stick to this plan but use it as a guideline, The marketing plan will cover who your target audience is, what they read, watch, listen to etc. Remember a marketing plan is not set in stone, so keep changing it, and altering it to suit you and your products need and finally…… GOOD LUCK. Getting recognised is not easy, it is very possible with the right planning, but remember success and fortune does not come overnight. Keep plugging your new product/s everywhere you go and you will be sure to see some rate of success.