Barry is an electrician. He’s been in business since three years ago. His mind is a little bothered right now because it seems the people living in his neighborhood don’t know he’s in the electrician business. He often sees his competitor’s van roaming the neighborhood and doing many electrical works in his neighbor’s home. Barry thinks he ought to get the job but why don’t his neighbor ask him to do it but let his competitors do it instead? This is where you need best crm for your business needs. You get the best marketing through this. Which is one of the ways that you can use for your business’s marketing.

A lot of small business, or one man businesses, rely heavily on their local market to survive. But if the neighbors don’t even know about your or your business what should you do? The obvious solution is to get you and your business known but how do you do that?

Here are some strategies to get your business known in your own neighborhood:

  1. Socialize.

When you drive in your car keep the window open and say hi to your neighbors as you pass by them. Spend some time to chat with them when appropriate. If your family approves it invite your neighbors for dinner or lunch or barbecue. You know people love to talk while eating their food so you can bet that they will eventually ask what you do for a living. When they do please don’t take it as a sign to go overboard and turn the feast into a marketing event. Just talk a bout your job for a short moment and then talk about something else. Keep it 95% fun plus socializing and only 5% business. If you do it well you’ll make some new friends who will spread the words out about you and your business.

  1. Place a decal on your car.

A decal is a drawing stuck onto your car. Use large writings saying what your do and where your business is. Make sure people know that when they call you it will take less than five minutes for you to get to their homes. Also consider to put a large photo of yourself on the car. Becoming a familiar face in the neighborhood is important if you want more people do business with you.

  1. Place banners on high-traffic routes.

Banners are still a good way to reach your market. It may not bring you customers immediately but if people keep seeing your banners they will remember your business when they need it. It’s about staying on top of people’s mind.

  1. Send postcards to everyone in your neighborhood.

Send the postcards three times a year to keep your business noticed. Printing postcards in bulk is cheap so you should not worry too much about the cost. As a start you could print eight hundred postcards so you can send them to 200 homes four times a year. That should cost you less than $100. Keep in mind that you need a professional looking card. Cheap cards won’t impress much.

  1. Send Newsletters.

This is an extension for the fourth idea above. When you send out the postcards drop a newsletter along with it. Your newsletter could contain simple tips related to your business. Make it enjoyable to read with as few techie terms as possible. If you could provide useful tips people will regard you as an expert in your field and more incline to do business with you.