So, you want to learn how to stain your new wood patio door. Staining a new wood clad patio door can be done in just a few hours. The real time is drying and between stain applications. You want to decide what color you need first before you get started. Take a look at the wood work that you have in your house already. See what color it is and go from there. You can get little samples or cans of stains from local hardware stores to help you select the correct color for your new wood patio doors. You will want to have rags or pick up some stain brushes to apply the stain with. If you don’t have a tarp to put down you could pick one up at the same time you are looking for stain. A great tarp is just to use old new papers laid out evenly and thick enough to protect the surface flooring where you will do the staining. It really does not take much to stain the wood patio doors. A flat head screw driver or a painting multiple use tool will be needed to open the can. Don’t forget a stir stick also. it is Important to remember pick a stain with a sealer in it already. Stain with the sealer in it can save time.

Once you have, what you think is the right color, you can start to move forward with staining the patio door. Take an old clean rag or a brush which is made for staining. Open your test can and take enough stain to see it on the brush or soak the tip of the rag. Apply to a area of trim that goes around the outer edge of the patio door. There are normally retaining pieces of wood that can also be removed to install or take the door out. You can stain these small retaining pieces in place or remove them and lay them on a bench top of floor to stain them. The pieces are great for testing colors. You can stain only a end or corner of the piece. Let the small section you stain dry and then take a look at it. Most stains will need two applications. Each time you stain a piece of wood it will get slightly darker. So, with that said, once it is dry add another coat to the test area. In the event this color is not for you, you can sand the area to help remove the stain that you have put on. If you are happy with the color, you can move on. Be careful when you remove these retaining pieces as you need these to hold patio doors in place. Removing the top piece or all of them at once is not to be done, unless you are removing the door also.

Now, if the color is right you can start by staining the rest of the wood retaining pieces. Make sure to follow the grain of the wood and apply the stain in that direction. If you apply to much have another rag to help wipe it off. Make sure to overlap just enough to get a even coat on the wood. When you wipe down the piece of wood make sure to go in the same direction. You don’t want to leave any heavy spots on any part of the wood. Let the pieces dry and then go over them lightly with a piece of steel wool to get any air bubbles out and prepare the surface for the next coat. lf you have a bad spot on any pieces you can lightly sand that area and then re-stain it with the second application. Again if you want to stain the retaining piece in place you can, but, the top and bottom pieces can be removed to make it easier to stain. Laying a piece down will be less likely to run.

When you take the retaining pieces out you can remove the doors also at this time. If your doors are wood on the outside and inside you will need to stain one side and let it dry. Laying the doors down will make it alot easier to stain. Use the same method as the retaining pieces. Start on one end of the door and work to the other end. When you get to the other end, you can wipe the whole section down. This will help to make sure it is all even. When using a rag or a brush it is the same way to apply the stain. Even brush strokes going from one end of the door to the other.

Take your time during the whole process. Staining is a slow and detail type of work. You will be happy in the end that you did. Again, if you have any problem areas you can sand these areas to help correct the problem and then stain it again. In the event you still don’t think it is dark enough after two coats. You can add a third coat. This coat can make it a little darker. Once you have the desired color and coats of stain on your wood patio doors you can put the door back in place.

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