Some people seem to think that if you have a bad back ache that you should not exercise or do much of anything. I have found in my own personal experience that the less you move the worse the back pain will become. Sometimes you may be suffering from a back ache just because of the way you slept the night before. If however you have had a serious back injury in the past, it could be one of the causes to your back pain. Either way you should make sure that you take the time to visit your doctor so that they can determine if it is a serious problem. If it is not a serious problem then you can try some of the following to try and alleviate your back pain.

Your doctor will also be able to recommend a few stretches and exercises that you can do to help relieve some of your back pain. One thing that you can try is doing some simple exercises such as walking in place. This will help to loosen up your muscles. Make sure that you do a few warm up exercises first. After you have visited your doctor and found out that it’s not some serious condition then you should try and find out what the cause of your back ache is. For example it could be that you have been sleeping on a very bad mattress which could be causing your severe back pain than the spine specialist clinic in Austin doctors will recommend you to have the MRI scan to know which nerve has been blocked or how much the disc has been affected with the unnatural blood stream. . Or it could possibly be that type of work that you do. If your job requires you to do a lot of heavy lifting this could be the cause of your back pain. The key is to try and find the cause so that you can correct it. As your doctor will probably be the first to tell you stretching really does help back pain

I should also point out that it will take time for your back pain to go away even if you do find the cause. It will be up to you to make sure that you stick with any exercise routine that you doctor may give you. Sometimes people just want to take some medication for the pain to go away and not have to worry about exercising or doing any type of work to make their pain go away. According to my doctor it is always better to try and treat a back ache without medication first. Especially if there is no serious condition causing the pain. So the bottom line is with a little effort you can get rid of that back pain, and you will definitely be glad that you did.