Did you know that there are more than 30 different ways you can lace your shoes? I found a great Web site called Ian’s Shoelace Site, and there are some excellent pictures and well-written explanations on how to make a true fashion statement with your sneakers! You can find this Web site at fieggen.com.

Be sure to go take a look; it will show you so many totally cool and absolutely fascinating styles I’ve never seen before! There is a section for both eyelet shoes and those with lugs.

He starts with the common Criss Cross Lacing which is the only way I ever laced my shoes I must admit. Well, until now anyway! I think my favorite new lacing technique is the Checkerboard Lacing and I will try to impress my son by lacing his new sneakers that way soon!

Each way you choose tells you the Pros and Cons and even what type of shoe it fits. If you do not want to go too fancy, Over Under Lacing is the way to go because it is very easy and keeps you shoelaces in good shape longer and still looks good and stays put.

There is many ways you can achieve the Straight Lacing look, the so called European way and the one Ian calls “Bar Lacing” or “Lydiard Lacing”, there is even “Straight Lazy Lacing” style to consider.

If you have long motorbike or riding boots you want to see the Riding Boot Lacing page. It shows you how tighten and tie you shoe in the middle of the boot instead of the top! Very cool and keeps your boots looking good. That type of lacing is also referred as “Bal-Lacing” according to Ian’s website.

After you finally decide which way to lace your shoes today go on and see the Shoelace Knots page! Yes, you guess it, forget about those boring old bunny ears, there is way better, faster and easier ways to do the knot shown in Ian’s website!

There is actually 17 different ways to do the knot and I’ll be showing my kids how to do the simple and recommended “Ian Knot”. It looks so super simple and is supposed to be more secure than the traditional knots. Maybe this will solve my problems with my 10-year-old who always runs around with his laces untied! If you want to go fancy there is even a Halloween Shoelace Knot, it looks like Hangman’s Nooses.

Fun does not end here, you can take polls about different styles and rate them, you can learn how to avoid different problems like slipping shoelaces or crooked shoelaces. You can send your own pictures in and if you are hooked or should I say totally laced about all these new ways to have fun with your sneakers there is tons of links for other sites about shoelaces!

Yes, you can even buy books about shoelaces, there is some great links if you are interested.

So go impress your kids or just have fun with your own shoes, this website will make anyone look like a Champ when it comes to lacing your shoes! They also offers best shoe inserts that you can get. These shoe inserts are really helpful as they can increase the comfort level of your shoes.