We all believe that everything in this world has its own purpose. However, there are actually a lot of things that you can utilize to do other tasks aside from its designed and main function. This concept is commonly evident in in-home appliances. Hence, there might be several appliances that can-do other things that you are not aware of yet. Knowing and understanding these multi-purpose appliances will allow you to fully use your appliances in its dual function to provide easy and convenience to you and your family members.

  1. Irons

From the name itself, irons are merely designed for ironing. But there are other things that your iron can do aside from its main function. Irons can be utilized to pick up dried candle wax from surfaces, get some dents of wooden floors, remove linoleum tiles, laminate documents, carpet impression, and even to toast a sandwich.  Surprising? Yes! Iron has a lot of wide variety of uses.

  1. Kettle

Over the years, we have been using a kettle to its full potential, which us to boil water. But just like irons, your kettle at home also has other uses. Basically, kettles can be used for boiling eggs, cooking noodles, pasta or rice, and even poach chicken. So the next time you run out of kitchen utensils or if everything becomes broken, the kettle can be a good alternative.

  1. Fondue Pots

Fondue is one of the helpful tools in the kitchen. So whether you are using this tool for cheese, chocolate, or any of the multitude of other potential pot-fillers, it is a party favorite. But the function of this appliance doesn’t end there; it can also be used as a mini-deep fryer or hot dips warm. Moreover, when it comes to its deep-frying capabilities, its control of temperature is very easy to clean.

  1. Pasta Machine

If you are a pasta lover, you may have a pasta machine at home. But more than just making pasta, pasta machines also have other uses. The rolling section of the machine can be used to make piecrust, delicious crackers, and super thin wonton wrappers. Other people also use it to roll out fondant icing.

  1. Rice Cooker

Just like any other device or machine on our list, the rice cooker also has other uses aside from cooking rice. Rice cookers may be handy, but if you don’t eat rice at all times, you can make hot cereals like porridge without using a stirrer? Yes, that is possible using your rice cooker. You can also use it to make steam food like dim Sims, dumplings, and pudding.

  1. Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is another helpful and handy appliance for your home. This appliance guarantees that you can save a bucket on buying dried fruit snacks for your kids. But aside from fruit and vegetables, you can also use your food dehydrator in crisping up state crackers. They are also helpful in making humidifiers when you add a few heatproof containers.

  1. Mirror Wiper

Using a mirror wiper is extremely easy, and it is not going to take much time cleaning the mess out of your mirror. Just start by cleaning your mirror with a cloth, and you will find that it takes more than twenty minutes in proper cleaning. The mirror wiper just gets the job done in less than two minutes. That’s why you can find that as an effective choice.

  1. Bread Maker

With the help of bread maker, you can get the quality taste of bread and the same thing for an affordable price point. Even you can add whatever you want to add, which will provide a various advantages for sure that’s why you can rely on it. There are several tastes of bread, and using different materials can come in handy for sure.

  1. Egg Boiler

When it comes to boiling eggs, you have to wait for a couple of ten minutes and waste lots of water. But, if you use an egg boiler, then everything becomes easier. You can place six eggs and more, depending on the model of an egg boiler, that’s why a gym person can find it as a reliable choice for sure. Using a quality egg boiler will let you get the desired texture for sure.

  1. Pop Corn Maker

With the help of a popcorn maker, you can save time and prepare tasty popcorns from raw material. Start by adding corns in the machine and turning it on. This will take a couple of seconds, and you are ready to watch a movie with the same level of excitement. Isn’t it one of the impressive things about popcorn maker? Well, it can easily attract you for sure.

  1. Air Fryer

Have you ever heard about hair fryers, these are highly reliable if you want to cook without the use of oil? The best part of the air fryer is, these are cheap, require less maintenance, and they can offer you a slightly different taste of food. People who don’t like using oil in food or someone who is on the proper diet will get the best out of an air fryer. When choosing an air fryer, make sure to check the design and capacity to grab the perfect deal with ease.

  1. Pasta Cuter

In case you want to try out the best quality pasta, then you should get a pasta maker and slicer. Many brands are offering some quality pasta machines which are available for a lower price as well as they have a great taste to offer. Just use any of the pasta recipe books and start making your own pasta at home. This will let you experience the genuine taste and quality one at the same time for sure.

  1. Dishwasher

The use of the dishwasher is very popular in western countries because you can easily prepare tasty food at home, and there is no need to worry about a single issue of dishes to stay dirty. Make sure that the utensils you are putting in the dishwasher must be compatible with it. Material like plastic and ceramic are compatible, as well as they aren’t. There is a particular layer of coating to protect the surface, so think before getting started.

  1. Steam Iron

In case you have premium clothes made of soft and shiny material, then you may find a serious time ironing them. To end this issue, selecting a steam iron is always an effective choice. They are not going to take much time, and everything is done with ease. Getting the fine curves with the proper plane dress is an easier thing with this method. Make sure that you stay selective when buying a steam iron because there are many types of it available in the market.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the home appliances that you may have at home, and you didn’t know you have other functions aside from its full potential. But if you are interested in buying some of these appliances, you can get check 5best online. There, you will be armed with a lot of helpful devices or appliances. In case you are going for a new appliance that isn’t well known and has a limited number of reviews, then be selective and think wisely before grabbing any of the deal.