Essentially everyone wants to make money online, even if they don’t come right out and say it. Most people hide it by saying that either you can’t make money online, or by saying something in the ball park of, “The only way to make money online is by some illegal activity.” These people are what I call critics.

Much like movie critics, these type of critics judge you as a person much in the same way movie critics judge movies. First they observe what’s going on, then they try and find every little possible flaw, and then they completely dissect you and tear you down in hopes that you will stop doing whatever it is your doing . Then when they cant find anything wrong they just say your to lazy to go to work at a real job. Well word to the wise, making money online is not easy and it’s a ton of work especially starting out.

Then there’s another type of people, these people I call predators. Predators are the people who despite all the put downs still push on to try and make their dreams of working from home a reality. Just as predators in the wild wait cautiously for the right time to strike, these predators never give up and constantly pursue their dreams much like a predator in the wild pursues its prey. In the race of increasing online money, the selection of the highest paying affiliate program should be done through the person. The dreams of the person will come true through earning of money.

The Internet marketing world is a tough one, because it’s everyone’s dream to not have to go to work and still get paid, though few manage to accomplish it. Starting out it extremely hard, I wont lie to you like those cheesy make money online products, it’s actually very hard strenuous work. The key is to never let what the critics say to you get you down instead use it as a motivator to prove them wrong, because there is nothing sweeter in the world then the look on a persons face when they have to admit that they were wrong.

While there are many forums you can go to in order to make money and try and obtain methods many wont help at all. In my experience there are two very simple reason for why no one will help a new marketer, one, they don’t know how to make good money themselves and are there for the same reasons you are, or two, they are super predators who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. A super predator is the guy that hardly ever posts in the forum but has actually made a lot of money, and he personally doesn’t care if you do well or not as long as he is. However, I will tell you this, you will not get much help from any forum the best way to make money online is to visit sites and sign up as an affiliate and then drive traffic to a blog or site that you have created based around that product or idea.