For years we women have been promising themselves and vowing to make that major difference in their lives in order to be “better”. What is this promise you ask? It’s our most challenging competitor, our fiercest antagonist and always number one on the New Years’ resolution list, a promise to lose weight.

Well, in order to lose weight correctly you must know where and how you should lose weight if you need to lose weight at all. Some women have thick thighs and hips. It’s not that they have a lust for carbs, they simply have that hippy gene that many of us activate in our mid- 20’s or after having a child. To tackle this, it is not required to become a bodybuilder, the most that are needed is some bike riding, maybe a jog here and there and some squats for toning. Now on the case of the midsection roll disease or what some may call Dunlap (your stomach dun lapped over your pants), exercising may become a little trickier. For men it is simple, they do some sit-ups and burn fat while acquiring muscle making them look like sexy beasts for the summer. Meanwhile, a twelve-pack can be a little harder to get for women since we retain more fat for nourishment in order to have that soft and plump feeling our kids love and feel safe with when we hug them. Nevertheless, several men do not relish the fact that their women’s’ stomach is just as hard as theirs. So instead of a thousand crunches a night, try more aerobic exercising along with drinking lots of water (I drink at least three 8oz bottles a day). This way you avoid a muscular bulge for a stomach and there won’t be quite as much loose skin with all the water you’re drinking. It’s just a simple matter of looking at yourself in the mirror and figuring what is needed for you to look good, not the next person.

With the advancement in technology and the busy lifestyle of people, it has become really difficult to follow a diet plan and lose weight. This is where you can get coolsculpting services which is an effective way to lose weight by freezing the extra fat in your body.

Another major factor in figuring out what looks good for you is knowing your limit. I know I have thick bones. Some doctors try to discard the fact that women with thick bones exist but the harsh reality is that we do. Therefore I know at the required weight for me, which is around 140lbs-150lbs, I look like the next best thing to a crack head. My neck bones show, my ribs make special appearances, and my hipbones look like there breaking out for air. So instead of what many suggest as a standard weight for me, I take it up a notch to about 160lbs at least. I have realized that I weighed 140lbs in high school during a time in which I only ate once a day, I experienced blackouts and still, my physical education teacher didn’t believe I weighed that much. This is because I had friends who were smaller than me still and I felt that I was not small enough. Now I know that I can never be as small as some of my thin boned friends, yet still, look good if not great. However, there is a flip side to the situation because since their bones are so small, they can never gain as much weight as I and still carry it well.

Indwelling on the “look at how thin she looks” theory, I must admit that it is common for women to compare themselves to other women. Some women will go as far as asking their boyfriends or husbands “Is she smaller than me or what does she have that I don’t?” For men, this is like a trick question because they know that we don’t want them looking at the other woman, even if she’s just our sister or someone we just encountered on the street. Nevertheless, what woman really wants to hear their man say, “Well honey, she has a slimmer waistline and her boobs don’t sag much and her but is just the right size and shape for that ass grab us men love.” What woman wants to hear that; I know if my fiance told me that, the wedding is off. Therefore, I must advise that when having that moment of feeling less than fresh, do not put your man in the tight spot of either sparing you with the lie you don’t want to hear or killing you with the truth you don’t want to hear.

So in closing this little piece of advice, I say everyone has their own standard, there are thick people who are just as healthy if not healthier than some of the more slender people in this world. And do not worry, because we all know that in the winter, a little extra here and there keeps your man warm and in the summer it gives him more to look at while you’re in that sexy swimsuit he loves.