People seem to have widely different opinions on employment agencies and recruiters; but one thing for sure is that there are certain jobs at certain companies you have to go through the company’s agency to interview and be considered. This pre-screening of candidates started with the large companies not wanting to have to spend all of the extra effort, money, headaches, etc. And the recruiters were ready to handle that challenge.

Right now with the unemployment being so high; recruiters and employers have their hands full trying to screen and dissect all of the applicants and inquiries whenever they have an opening. It can be a daunting process; so just keep this in mind when you are not being called right back. There are some positions in which the first day that an ad has run; gets over 500 responses or more.

But, as I said before; more and more companies are using recruiters to find them good candidates to interview; so that will be the first “foot in the door” screening. Some of the people who are not familiar with agencies make the mistake of showing up to these interviews thinking that the agency doesn’t care how you are dressed or conduct yourself; they feel the recruiter is just going to magically find them a job. But beware, from the moment you walk into the door they are feeling you out to see if you interview well, etc. That is true even if they are hired by the company or if they are fee based, they still need to see you at your best.

The one big mistake I have seen most is that people will sign up with one agency and then over kill the recruiter to death with emails, phone calls, voice mails, etc. The best approach to getting any job right now is to get your name out there to every single agency that will interview you for the construction recruitment that is an essential requirement for the company to get the best results out for the jobs which gives the best options for the persons to get hand some salary. It truly can be a grueling and time consuming process initially; but I have seen an agency give a person a call two months later when they finally have a fit for the person. Of course you can’t just call once or interview and then completely forget about whom you were dealing with, etc. You have to follow up every week, with every agency, with every recruiter, keeping track of them, also. It may seem like a lot of work, but those are the people who get their foot in the front door because their name gets recognized and they have proven that they can work hard and stick with what they are trying to achieve, so that in itself is another “part of the test” a candidate needs to be aware of.