Online shops are doing their best to lure more customers make purchase. Wish, for example, offers Wish free shipping which is an advantage for customers, while other sites allow the use of coupon codes. After all, people are attracted to discounts and freebies. That is why online shops use it as leverage in different ways.

Now, the use of coupon codes is probably the most popular and easiest methods to offer discounts. These codes appear attractive for buyers too, since it give them a sense of purchasing power without spending much of their own cash.

But what really are coupon codes and how do they work? Why some coupon codes don’t work on certain instances? Moreover, what are the things to remember when using coupon codes? This article will answer these questions for you.

What are Coupon Codes, to Begin with?

In a nutshell, coupon codes are digital data which gives discount or freebies to a buyer when certain conditions are met. For example, some coupon codes work on specified items from a brand, or only work in a certain online shop. In short, it functions similar to regular printed coupons you use in department stores, groceries and restaurants among other establishments. Only that, you need to enter the code in a provided edit box upon checking out an order, instead of handing a physical coupon to a sales clerk.

Why Use Coupon Codes for Online Shopping?

Coupon codes help you enjoy discounts or freebies on certain online shops or stores easily. But they are mostly for two basic purposes in making an order. Some coupon codes slash an amount off from the price, while others are usable for shipping discounts.

In buying items online, you’d encounter price for each item and total price upon checking out. In using some coupon codes, you’d have a chance to enjoy discounts for either price. Some coupon codes work for specific items in your cart, while others are for overall price you must pay upon ordering.

Aside from price, other coupon codes are intended for shipping discounts. These decrease the fee you must pay for having an order shipped to your place. Note, however, that some shipping coupon codes also have conditions to meet, such as being applicable only for local or national orders. Aside from the basic of being usable only on certain period.

Now, there are coupon codes which cover both price and shipping expenses as well. Usually, they come usable only on specific online shops, or when you meet conditions of brands and courier. This is the most advantageous coupon codes available. But you need to carefully read its conditions before using.

What to Remember in Using Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes function like permissions to enjoy discounts and freebies. That is why you must use them properly. Or else, you’d encounter coupon codes that won’t work while shopping online.

Take note of these guides to help you:

  1. Learn different Types of Coupon Codes

There are three basic types of coupon codes on the web. You must know them to identify which type fits your needs, or to understand when you can use a certain type you already have.

  • Public Coupon Codes – these are coupon codes available for everyone to get and use. You can usually find them on coupon websites today.
  • Private Coupon Codes – these are coupon codes given only to specific people such as frequent buyers on a specific online shop. People often have to fulfill specific criteria to acquire such kind of codes from certain shops.
  • Restricted Coupon Codes – these are coupon codes which is only available for a certain individual. You cannot give it away, or let others use it. The system of a shop would verify it is you who is using such codes before accepting it for an order.
  1. Get Coupon Codes from Legitimate Sources

There are plenty of sources of coupon codes on the web. Some online shops give coupon codes to buyers by dropping it in their account. After you make an order and you’re eligible for a coupon code, for example, the online shop would reflect it on your account’s notifications. That is how you can get your code and save it for use.

In some instances, online shops also release coupon codes through newsletters. Sometimes, you’d receive emails or text messages directly from the shop. Be sure, however, that the email or text message is using a legitimate email or messaging ID, and avoid biting on it when they ask for cash.

Another good sources of coupon codes are websites and blogs. Coupon code websites even exist for such purpose. In using such website, be sure to check for reviews to verify their legitimacy. This helps you avoid fake coupon codes, or ending up spending more for an order.

  1. Use Authentic Coupon Codes

It is important to only use authentic coupon codes for your transactions. Fake coupon codes won’t work, or won’t give you the stated discount amount. Some sites even use shady schemes wherein you need to pay for coupon codes. They’d make it appear as if you’re paying less than what you ought to pay for an actual order. But in reality, you’re spending more than what you should.

That is why it is important to only get coupon codes from reliable sources. It helps you avoid unneeded hassles and expenses, letting you enjoy a great shopping experience.

  1. Understand Restrictions

Each coupon codes have certain restrictions or conditions you must fulfill for a successful transaction. Basic coupon codes only work on certain shopping websites, whereas others only work for specific brands, items or models of products they sell.

Some coupon codes require the total price of your order to reach specific amount before it become usable. Coupon codes for specific occasions such as for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine’s Day are available too. Moreover, similar to examples earlier, some coupon codes affect prices of your orders, while others are for shipping charges.

That is why it is important to read the fine prints of a coupon code before using it. Do not use a code if it doesn’t clearly emphasize its restrictions. That helps you to be prepared when shopping online, instead of becoming frustrated because of having insufficient cash and an unusable coupon code.

  1. Take Note of Expirations

Coupon codes have expirations. Yes, it also falls under the category of restrictions, but it is important enough to require better emphasis. In considering expiration of a coupon code, you must think of either dates or number of use.

Some coupon codes are only usable on certain period. For example, some expire within a month upon acquisition, or becomes effective from a specified start to an end date. On the other hand, some coupon codes indicates expiration depending on the number of times you’re using it. For example, it is only usable for three times on a certain shop, thus making it invalid on the fourth attempt.

Enjoy the Use of Coupon Codes on your Next Shopping!

There you have it. These are the essential info you must know in using coupon codes. As a final reminder, be sure to enter the right coupon code on the right edit box for it to work. It is best to simply copy and paste the code when applicable.

This lets you enjoy big savings while buying items you want or need.