It happens sometimes when you’re dealing with stickers, you get them in your hair. And even worse, the stickers may land on the scalp. Stickers close to the scalp are extremely difficult to work out of the hair and it takes longer to remove them than from the middle or ends. A sticker caught in hair can latch on to surrounding hair strands and become completely hidden from view. The more that the sticker is handled to separate it from the hair the more that it tangles. A sticker can become caught in the hair more than once. If you do manage to remove the sticker, be careful where you toss it or it may wind up blowing back into the hair. Likewise, if you get the sticker out and accidentally drop it before you get a chance to get rid of it. Stickers that are stuck on collars may snag hair and become entangled in the strands.

It almost seems like the best thing to do is to cut the sticker out of the hair or in a moment of defeat yank the hair that the sticker has ensnared hard enough to rip hair out by the roots. The latter may not be the best course of action since it may leave you with a bald spot. However, if you use scissors to cut the sticker out of your hair it can ruin a hair style. If you find yourself at the mercy of a sticker attack to your hair there is help. The following tips will make sticker removal less painful and time consuming.

  1. Avoid brushing or combing the hair.

The first thing you may want to do to get the stickers out is to brush or comb the hair. This is a bad course of action. Brushing or combing the hair just tangles the stickers worse and makes them even harder to remove.

  1. Make sure your hair is tangle free before you deal with stickers in your yard or garden.

A sticker in hair matts up. Matted tangled hair is like a fire storm.

  1. Dry hair is harder to remove stickers, wet hair is better.    4. Leave-in hair conditioner or detangler makes it easier to slide stickers from hair.    5. Shampoo  amp; conditioner in one or hair conditioner that is washed out also makes it easier to slide stickers from hair.

Leave-in hair conditioners combine 2 and 3. Plus you don’t have to tilt your head into a position where the hair may further tangle. They detangle the hair and wet the hair, which may smooth the hair shafts enough to be slick so that the stickers won’t catch the surrounding strands and so that the hair is easier to separate. The stickers may then slide off straight down the hair shafts until they run out of track.

With shampoo and conditioners that you wet and wash out of the hair, you will have to bend the head, which may allow the stickers to get caught up enough that they further tangle.

On a separate note, laser hair removal has become really popular method across the globe. It is considered as the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair in our body.