I am a 26 year old 5’1″, 110 pound female who has a protruding abdomen that has been this way since I was a child. Like most little girls before they develop, my stomach didn’t look abnormal then. It wasn’t until I was in the 9th grade and an older student asked me was I pregnant that I realized how far out my stomach was sitting. I decided I would start sucking it in whenever I could remember in order to avoid more pregnancy questions. As a teen I tried things like the Ab Roller to see if I could get the results I wanted and this was to no avail.

More recently I even tried a temporary solution by sleeping with saran wrap around my waist to sweat off some fat.

Liposuction involves removing unwanted or excess body fat which has proven to be a boon for people with weight issues.
Now I am well into my size C cup bra and depending on the shirt my stomach isn’t very noticeable it is only when I take my clothes off or want to wear a swimsuit that I get self conscience again. I don’t consider myself a vain person but I do like to look good just like everyone else so I am contemplating getting liposuction on my abdomen. I know what most people would think why not do some crunches or work out, well I do work out and I admit I do hate crunches so I don’t do them often but I think in this day an age of everything fast I have become a product of my environment and I want a quick fix.

This really shouldn’t be shocking especially in today’s society women’s bodies are being altered every ten minutes. However, being a woman of African American descent there is always a little stigma that our culture has against surgery. I am not sure if the stigma stems from the religion that a lot of Black culture embraces in which case body altering is somewhat a slap in God’s face. It may just be a fear of undergoing the knife and it resulting in a fatal accident.

Actually, I may be one of those religious people who think that this is the way God made me and this is my cross to bear in some way. On the other hand I sometimes think God has nothing to do with this small body issue that is for certain trumped by things like floods and wars. So if that is the case I should say my prayers and jump on that surgery table. I think that may be the scariest part, no one to stop me no little angel on my shoulder just me and the tool to remove the fat. Will this be a decision that has the biggest consequence of all? I’m not sure but whatever I decide I know I will need the support of my family and the love of God surrounding me to make my final decision.