If you are single, there will be so much going on at the start of 2011 that you won’t have time to think about romance or to search for a new partner. For other Geminis, the very start of the year could bring the culmination of a long-standing romance. It might have taken some time for you to reach the stage when you want to put this relationship onto a more secure footing. If a person is single, then information about the الابراج will offer hope and happiness for them. There will be involvement of some time and the results will be excellent.

Venus will be in your opposite sign for most of January and this would be a good time for marriages and engagements if you can fit it all into your hectic schedule!

Saturn in Libra (the romantic zone of your chart) will make you more serious about your commitments to friends and loved ones during 2011. If you are single, you should try not to take too much for granted in a relatively new relationship around May. There is something deceitful in the air. This person might already have ties he or she is not admitting to. You will get on well with Librans and Leos during the first four months of the year. In June you will feel happier about a new relationship and this, too, is when you realise how right it now seems to be that an earlier romance didn’t come to anything.

Now the main pressure you’re under, when it comes to partnerships in July, is keeping up with regular payments of joint contracts recently entered into. You may have just – or you’re about to – take on a mortgage, or some other long-term financial agreement. This may be something new to you and it won’t be easy to adjust your budget to allow for these new demands.

August’s a time when you, your friends and your partner all seem to meet on the same intellectual wavelength. There will be plenty fun moments in the summer and a holiday with your partner is just what you need to put the spice back into a loving union.

September and November are months of steady progress within romance. Married Geminis may decide it’s time to expand your family. Singles could may meet someone who will make all your past partners pale into insignificance if this hasn’t already occurred earlier.

December will be interesting for romance when it could well be that a Works Christmas Party will produce a lot of gossip that will last into the New Year. Be sure you don’t do anything foolish if you find yourself alone with a workmate who fancies you. Party invitations will keep you active socially and you will care a lot for the people who feature prominently in your life at the very end of the year.