Your fence is under attack every moment of every day!

Rain, sun, wind, mildew, mold, cold and erosion are wearing down your fence while you change the oil in your car! A little bit of annual maintenance will go a long way to extending the life and looks of any fence.

Join your neighbors on March 3rd, 2010 for the first annual Check Your Fence Day!

It doesn’t matter what your fence is made of or if it is tall or small. Fences of all sizes, shapes and materials need a little bit of attention so show them the love before the Ides of March!

How do I “Check My Fence?”

Trim and prune trees, vines, shrubs and tall grasses around your fence. You don’t have to remove everything but clear vegetation enough so that you can see the fence.

Then walk along your fence looking for discoloration and movement!

What Are You Checking For?

Discoloration is the Start of Deterioration:

Dirt, rust, rot, mold and mildew all cause your fence to change color and all eventually lead to an unstable fence. Not all color change is the beginning of the end but most problems involve discoloration.

Loose Boards and Fixtures:

The pickets, bars and rails of your fence should be securely attached. If something doesn’t look right give it a wiggle and take a closer look. Wooden boards sometimes bow and elements of metal fences sometimes will begin to twist. Pieces that seem to be pulling away from each other are begging for a little maintenance.

Loose Leaning Fence Posts:

Fences should not wiggle, sag, or lean! Weather and animals cause the ground to shift and over time most fence posts may become unstable or begin to lean. Look, shake and examine your fence posts. Make sure the fence is securely attached to the post and use a trowel to move the dirt around the fence post. Look for evidence of rotting or rusting on the posts near the ground and be sure that there are no insects, animals or roots disturbing them.

How To Repair Your Fence!

Fences are expensive and replacing a fence is hard, costly work but most fences will have a long, sturdy life with annual inspection and repair.

  • Nail loose boards back into place and hammer nails that are starting to stick out back down.
  • Replace individual boards or sections of a metal fence that are rotting, rusting or bowing.
  • Caulk around fixtures or around the concrete footings to stop post deterioration.
  • Wash away dirt, grime and environmental residue.
  • Paint or reseal your fence as needed.
  • Secure fence posts back in an upright position and try to discover the cause of the lean!

Tell Friends and Family to “Check Your Fence!”

There is a saying that good fences make good neighbors. Make plans to meet your neighbor at the fence post on May 3rd and participate in National Fence Day! For more information or to learn more visit

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