In the present digital world, a marketer can go wrong by thinking of online marketing alone. Even in the present era, there is ample scope and need for marketers to focus on Custom promotional products to harness the interest of customers. One of the crucial mistake that a business can make today, is to completely ignore the essence and value of promotional products.

The relevance of custom promotional products

Promotional products have always tapped the mind of the customer successfully, bringing them closer to a brand and instigating a special feeling in their mind. Promotional products may be nothing more than a souvenir that you give your customers, as a token that reminds them of you and your business. Even if you do not wish to believe the mere fact, the numbers might just be enough to awaken your bewilderment!

Numbers say it all

Promotional products are an unspoken, yet effective means to garner the interest of the customers. It is believed that any promotional product received by a customer, is maintained by him for a minimum of 8 months. This number is far greater than any advertisement that you may place for your audience online.

Your promotional products are likely to make it to the eye of several customers, by simply sitting at one desk. People tend to form a very positive image and impression about brands and companies that gift them various promotional products.

At the same time, promotional products also form a very quick impression on anyone, who comes to see your product with his eyes. This means better brand awareness for your company and consecutively better results in terms of increased customer patronage.

The rise in popularity of promotional products

It might be somewhat difficult to accept but the popularity of promotional products is just as much today as it was ten years back from now. There is a reason why promotional products continue to attract a wide array of customers. Being tangible, they remain in front of the customer’s eye, as long as they make use of that product, at least.

As for advertisements, it is no surprise that the human eye has learnt to avoid them unless it falls on something catchy. Every customer feels special when he holds something in his hand and further, if that item is a utility product, you can expect your brand name to ring a bell for the next few months.

Almost 85% of all customers claim to remember a brand that gifted them with a promotional product. This rate is higher than any form of advertisement that a company can choose.

With promotional products, customers are likely to feel even happier because they do not have to give anything to get them. The same is not the case with an advertisement, which has to be striking or interesting to grab the attention of a customer.

The lowdown

Branded promotional products can cost a bit higher than conventional advertisements for the business but the lasting impression that it gives your customers meets the ROI expectation that you may have from such expenditure. The cost of pennies per item can reap in benefits, in numbers that far exceed the outlay of such costs in the first place.