The human body is a complex structure that comprises of our entire being which cannot be replaced by anything in the world in terms of importance. Your body can perform such feats that no other machine can do and that is saying something as machines tend to reduce human effort

But it should be kept in mind that machines are also by products of human mind through which they came into existence in the first place but intend to take their place in the coming decade.

It is the time when machines are going to replace human beings and handle jobs by sitting at a desk. But it does not mean that they are going to take over their jobs and make them jobless but just to provide a helping hand and sharing the burden of work alongside them.

This is done through artificial intelligence, which means machines will be able to think alike humans in their mind and behavior that can be said to be superior compared to how humans do so.

The fact of the matter is that it has given rise to a human intelligence vs artificial intelligence debate about which one has the upper hand but its true that both are important.

Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, is ‘artificial’ which means unoriginal. It is also a by product of the human brain that makes its significance worth studying in the first place.

To have a robot sitting at office desks and handling complex business organizations only because it has been designed to think like humans may seem like a far fetched theory at first but the experts have given clear inclinations that this will indeed be the scenario in the not so distant future.

The 2020s will be the time period where artificial intelligence takes over human mind and make history in the world of technology as it would prove to be the greatest discovery of mankind yet.

But how does artificial intelligence relate itself to mind mapping? Are they similar or different? What are the factors that make them seem like long lost brothers or are they interrelated only because they both have links to computers, machines and software.

Let’s get to know what exactly is mind mapping in general. It has been defined as a diagram which is used to represent a planned project in a systematic and organized manner. It hopes to relay information which have been put through that relates to relationships.

A graphical representation of ideas and futuristic concepts, mind mapping is a visual tool that helps information being put together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which help in analyzing the task in a detailed and understandable manner.

You can also get mind map template free in the form of powerpoint presentations on any official website and there are hundreds of them available on the internet.

So, now we are going to talk about a few mind mapping apps that are unique because they are said to be out of the box. Here are some of them:

  • Padlet: It is software tool that is useful for teachers as it can display information in different files
  • Canva: It is used for designing social media posters, logos, images and hoardings used for advertising purposes
  • Breakdown notes: It is used for placing notes that are for students and first time learners
  • Map of mind: It is an app good for enhancing memory skills of a child
  • Ideament: It is good for drawing flowcharts and venn diagrams