You’ve watched Sesame Street with your kids haven’t you? Each episode is brought to you by a letter, a number, and/or a color. Throughout the show, you’ll see that particular letter, or other factor, repeated over and over, orally and visually. That’s how really little kids learn so quickly when watching the show. Of course, once a child begins watching Sesame Street he or she is just going to want more. That means it’s going to be a Sesame Street birthday party; your child will never forget it. To create the real effect you’ll need lots of colors, like blue, yellow, green, and red. You’ll also need letters and numbers. Whether they be snacks, or sweets, you can make it happen!

There are many delicious foods that can be turned into letter or number treats for kids. One thing any child will love at the birthday party is a fun finger food with a Sesame Street theme. Use a cookie cutter to cut a number or letter – or more than one – from cheese. A really orange cheese, such as cheddar, is a good choice. Just cut out letters, numbers, or both. Put a piece on a cracker and a child will eat it up.

Food is the main ingredient that is considered the soul of any birthday party, which includes the cake that is eaten and enjoyed by one and all, be it young or old and if you want to a satisfy a child, there can be nothing better than chocolates and birthdays have everything that a child wants in his life, atleast at that age. Also, balloons of different colors would be an added bonus, which includes helium balloon because it lasts for a longer period

Gelatin is colorful, sweet, and perfect for little kids. Instead of pouring it into a bowl, pour it on a cookie sheet, and it will be easy to cut. Use cookie cutters to cut out letters, numbers, or both. Make them all the same color or present various colors. With cookie cutters you can even make letters or numbers from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If you don’t want to make any special foods you can use certain foods as letters and/or numbers. If the birthday party is brought to you by the number “0”, or the letter “O”, you can use bagels or doughnuts. Push two doughnuts together to make the number “8”. If the party is featuring the number “1”, you could serve hot dogs, pretzel sticks, cheese sticks, or even doughnut sticks.

Make any number or letter cake by first baking a rectangular cake. Cut rectangles from it, arrange them like the letter or number you want, and then frost them. Frost the cake in Sesame Street-type colors, like yellow, orange, blue, red, or green. Any cookie can become a number or letter, too; just frost the cookie and pipe on the number or letter.

Sesame Street has won over the hearts of millions of kids so it’s natural that yours would want to have it as a birthday party theme. You won’t have any trouble finding Sesame Street decorations, paper plates, and cups, and as for the snacks and desserts, you’ve got them covered.