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Team efforts will be successful and you are starting to feel more confident about your abilities. People respect your skills and knowledge. You are comfortable with the people around you and you seem to share the same wave-length. You may not have realised what fun it could be to work as part of a group towards a mutual goal. You could be making some close friends in the process.


Even if you are handling someone else’s finances, you will be as careful and conscientious about this as if they were your own. A younger relative or neighbour might ask you for a favour. You will be happy to oblige. A decision made at the end of the month may have to be revised as it will have been made under stress. You need to find ways to relax this October. A Halloween celebration will be more fun than you anticapted.


There’s a strong temptation to give in to an extravagant whim. An older relative will persuade you into a more sensible frame of mind. A partner is keen to talk to you. Although you won’t want to hear what they have to say, it would be wise to listen. Take a friend with you when shopping. They could spot a few good bargains. This could save you a sizeable amount of cash. Give an important relationship more time.


You might suspect that someone is making plans that involve you. This could put you in the limelight for a short while and this is not a place you like to be. However, if you deserve praise, reward or an award, accept this with good grace. Recent discussions about long-term plans are amicably settled now. Someone from faraway has some exciting news for you. You could be buying an air-ticket soon.


There’s not a lot going on as October begins and you will take advantage of the situation. This should give you the chance to tie-up loose ends and you will feel more organised for the future. Your mind is on the future and you will enjoy sharing plans with your partner and other loved-ones. Your vivid imagination and enthusiasm will put some stimulating ideas into your companion’s minds. Joint plans will be agreed on around Halloween.


Your head is in the future as you plan all sorts of wonderful things for the months ahead. If you are a parent, your children too will come up with some clever comments that give you food for thought. A message contains a question you will not want to answer in a hurry. There may be some contention about a joint social invitation. This will not be easily settled; try to be more flexible.


You are in an ambitious mood with emphasis on your sign. You can’t settle for a month of routine: you want more. You’re looking to get something new and more challenging out of life. If you have nothing planned at the moment, you might decide to book a holiday. At least this will give you something to look forward to. Failing this, thoughts centre around further-education or self-improvement possibilities.


Anywhere quiet suits you well. Noisy places annoy you. You might feel like opting out of a group get-together when suddenly you just aren’t in the mood. Mixing and mingling for the sake of politeness doesn’t sound like fun. You have more important things on your mind. There is someone you need to talk to before Halloween. You could get a great bargain if you attend an auction sale.


You are surrounded by dozens of people. Your days are sociable, busy and full. Sometimes you feel you have no space for yourself. You wonder whether you’re going in the right direction. You need time to decide on which way you really want to go. Instead of being swept along by the tide, try to find some time to make your own plans. Remind others that you have a mind of your own and you’d like to use it.


Why not start thinking about how to arrange your life so you have more time to call your own? Although you love to have a number of projects on the go at once, it may now be a case of having too many irons in the fire. The more you try to squeeze into the days, the more confusing it’s going to get to keep on top of everything. Delegate rather than taking on more.


Others may complain they can’t understand you. There will be times when you can’t understand yourself! Sometimes, you will agree, you’re changeable and contrary. A part of you wants to go out and socialise. Another side of you craves peace, quiet and solitude. If you plan ahead from the start, you should be able to arrange your month to satisfy all your needs.


It doesn’t matter what you are doing this October, don’t think you can’t do it. It would be easy to give up when things go wrong but a lack of stamina will achieve you nothing. If you are working and given the choice about something, why feel obliged to take the easy way out? If someone volunteers to do something that you want to do, insist on being the one to take on the job. Do what you want to do, not what others expect from you.