Being stranded, or in a car accident, are horrible scenarios. For many, these may be caused by bad weather, and others, a problem with your vehicle. Either way, its important to always keep a few items in your trunk to ensure that if this does happen, you are able to fare as comfortably as possible. Besides these useful items, it is really important that you have auto insurance as well. This will help you financially in case you encounter any accident. Moreover, consulting baltimore accident lawyers is another effective way through which you can minimize the loss you suffer in case of an accident. 

Disposable camera. In times of an accident, this is a great tool to have on hand. It helps to take photos of the damage to your car and to ensure that you have the proper evidence to supply to your insurance company. This is also useful for those “unbelievable” experiences, such as those times when you are stuck in three feet of snow or you really did find a small town named after you.

Blanket and shovel. Especially in areas susceptible to snowstorms, this is a must-have. The shovel is handy for digging yourself out of those deep ditches, and the blanket will keep you warm until help comes. Make sure it is not your favorite or a family heirloom since this will also come in handy for your knees if you ever have a flat tire.

Gloves. These are helpful in all situations whether you are shoveling yourself out of a snowbank or trying to change your tire, these will protect your hands and keep them out of the elements.

Extra liter of oil. Sometimes, a car can be fixed by adding some oil. Considering oil is pretty cheap, and can always be used at some point in the life of your car, it will be very useful to have this in your trunk for those emergency situations.

Flashlight. Accidents and car problems strike at any time-even at the dead of night when are you running back from the store with a few late-night goodies. It is useful to have a flashlight on hand to inspect accident damage and to check under the hood for problems, as well as fluid levels. It can also be used as light for reading a map late at night.

First aid kit. Although this seems excessive, a few Band-Aids and antibacterial cream can go a long way. You don’t necessarily need a full first aid kit in your trunk, but having Band-Aids on hand will provide users in the most extreme and unusual situations-whether it’s a paper cut from reading a map or stopping the bleeding from a large cut, these don’t take up a lot of space and provide a lot of use.

Emergency numbers. Who do you call if you have a flat tire? What if you run out of gas? Who would be able to pick you up, if you were stranded? These are things we generally don’t think of when we get into our car, but it’s important to know this emergency numbers-especially when traveling on long trips or late at night. That way, time will not be wasted trying to think of who to call.

Just as important, it’s a good idea to keep state maps (where you live and surrounding states), small hazard cones and extra socks in your car. Although this may seem like these materials will take up a large chunk of space in your trunk, when packed efficiently into a box, you will barely know that they are there-except in a time in need. Then, you will thank yourself for putting up with a little less space to make sure that difficult times are made a little bit more pleasant with a few accessories.